Sprinkle Cookies {a family favorite}


 Do your kids love to cook as much as mine do?  I bet!  My boys are always wanting to help in the kitchen…And they especially LOVE to help bake cookies!  I think they may have inherited their Momma’s Sweet Tooth! These easy Sprinkle Cookies are a Family Favorite and are perfect for kids to make because […]

{no-bake} Honey Peanut Butter Balls

slider no-bake-honey-peanut-butter-balls

Hello Friends…Today I am sharing a long time favorite quick, easy and healthy treat…Shhh!  Don’t tell your kids that last part!  My boys get up really early…everyday…There is NO sleeping in at the Krieger house.  And 9 out of 10 days, the first thing out of their mouths is “I need a snack”…Not “Good Morning […]

15 Fun Snowman Ideas For Kids

15 Snowman Ideas for Kids

Hello Friends!   Hope you are all staying warm!  It is absolutely freezing here.  Today’s high is 2 degrees!  I don’t mind the cold when I can stay indoors, but I have to make the trek to the chicken coop…Brrr!     Because we have been cooped up inside, my boys are starting to go […]

Weekly Menu {July 8-14}


Hello Friends!  Hope you all had a fabulous 4th and a nice long weekend.  We enjoyed time with family and friends and spent a lot of time splashing in the pool! Before I share our Menu for this week…Did you see those new little circle icons on the sidebar?  They are finally working…Yay!  If you […]

Cinna-Sticks {kids in the kitchen}

Cinna-sticks {onekriegerchick.com}

Hello friends!  As you know from my previous post, we had a few snow days…When it is cold and I am cooped up inside, I tend to bake.  My boys LOVE to bake with me.  I know you are thinking…We know this already…All you post are recipes of sweets and your kids are usually in […]