{13} Goals For 2013

Hello Friends!  Hope you all have had a fun, relaxing, memorable Christmas and Happy Happy New Year.

Speaking of a New Year…I am not much of a resolution girl.  Last year, I decided to set a list of accomplishable goals rather than setting resolutions.  Guess what…it worked!  I referred to my list throughout the year and accomplished most of my goals.

This year, I decided to do the same, but a little more detailed.  I am setting personal goals as well as for projects I’d like to tackle.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of some {13} of the projects you might WILL see on the blog this year…in no particular order:

1. A Command Center of sorts in the Mudroom


source: {orgjunkie.com}

2. Homemade Artwork

source: {susieharrisblog}

3. Slipcover my sofa

source: {theinspiredroom.net}

4. Finish my youngest’s bedroom

Nursery Wall Art, Children's Gift, Kids Wall Art, Nursery Art, Elephant, Grey and Yellow, Promise Me You'll Always Remember, 8x10 Print

source: {vtdesigns on etsy}

5. Do More Sewing!

source: {asmallsnippet}

6. Find/Paint/Cover chairs for Living Room

Master Suite

source: {southernliving}

7. Make Laundry Room a place I Want to do laundry

laundry room makeover

source: {sandandsisal}

8. Create an inviting shared Craft Room 

source:  {designdazzle}

9. Make book slings for older boys bunk bed

source: {domesticadventure}

10. Try more Healthy recipes

source: {skinnytaste}

11. Do more fun kid activities

source: {blogmemom}

12. Come to terms with the Office

source: {abowlfulloflemons}

13. Create towel storage in the Master Bathroom

Towel Cabinet

source: {marthastewart}

Well there you have it…{13} of my Goals for 2013.  Let’s see what I can accomplish!

What Goals do you have for 2013?



  1. 1

    Karen D. says

    Those are some amazing goals/projects. Happy 2013. I have not made any goals. However, I hope to have time today//tomorrow to sit down and contemplate things to
    accomplish and ways to accomplish them. One thing I really want to do is re-organize my
    recipes. Any ideas or tips for that? And I have some goals to set for completing some
    scrapbook pages.

    • 2

      Shanel Leighty says

      I just organized my recipes using 3 ring binders, tabs, and plastic sleeves. When I’m ready to cook, I just flip to the correct page, insert a bookmark, take out the plastic protector and cook. Easy Peasy!


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