Turn a Wagon into a Multipurpose Tray

Hey there Friends! Happy Monday!  Today, I’m going to share a fun home decor idea you may have never thought to create.  Do you love to repurpose items?  Do you go to garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets looking for unusual pieces to give an updated makeover?  Me too! In fact, one of my favorite places to go “shopping” (for free) is in the grain bins on my husband’s family farm.  

Ready to see what I found in the grain bin? Old wagon before turning into a serving tray- OneKriegerChick.com Yep…An old wagon with a few missing parts…See potential or trash?  I saw potential… How to turn a Vintage Wagon into a decorative tray

Why not turn it into a fun decorative tray for your home!  Is that the vision you had too?  Well, I actually found three wagons and turned another into a shelf for my son’s bedroom.  This one was much smaller, so it was perfect for a tray.

Want to make your own?  Here’s how I did it…

Gather up an old wagon, two cabinet door pulls, and some self stick felt pads…You’ll need a drill with a metal bit too…

Wagon turned serving tray= Supplies-OneKriegerChick.com

 Start by cleaning the wagon really good, if it’s not already clean.  Decide and mark where you want the handles.  Then, drill holes for the handles.  Twist the handles into place.  Add the felt pads to the bottom of the tray.  Use as many as you like.  I placed them on all the high spots to keep the wagon from scratching my table.  Something extra:  My husband was helping me with this and thought the metal needed a little polishing, so he went over the rough edges with a wire wheel on his grinder to smooth them all out.

Not as hard as you would think, right!

Perfect to use inside on my dining room table…Ready for the boys to set the table for dinner with the essentials in some fun mason jars Wagon turned into a serving tray-OneKriegerChick.com

How to turn a wagon into a serving tray- OneKriegerChick.com

Or for outdoor entertaining…We love to eat dinner on the back patio, so I just load up the tray with everything we need for dinner.  Then when Mr. Kriegerchick let’s me know the steak is done, I only have to make one trip with the salad, etc… An Antique wagon makes a perfect serving tray! OneKriegerChick.com


Just look at how much it can hold… A Wagon makes a perfect serving tray-Look at all it holds! OneKriegerChick.com


Turn a wagon into an outdoor serving tray-OneKriegerChick.com

I’m so thrilled with how it turned out…What would you do with an old wagon?

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