Monogrammed Pumpkin Door Hanging

Hello there friends!  Are you enjoying all things Fall yet?  Me too!  I’m eating candy pumpkins (like candy corn) as I type this…I get so excited when I spot a bag in the store.  We all have favorite seasonal treats, right?  My front porch is all decked out with pumpkins and mums and this festive Monogrammed Pumpkin Door Decor that I previously shared at Domestically Speaking as part of a fun Burlap Series.  If you missed any of the projects, you can see them all here.

Fall is my favorite season to decorate for and I like to choose items I can leave on display through Thanksgiving.  When I first saw these half pumpkins, I knew I had to create something with them. Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-Perfect for fall! OneKriegerChick

 Let’s get started…You may be surprised at how many of these items you already have on hand!

You’ll need:

  • Large round or oval frame
  • Half Pumpkin (from Michael’s Craft Store)
  • chip board or heavy cardboard (from Hobby Lobby)
  • pencil
  • exacto knife
  • Burlap (from JoAnn Fabric and Craft)
  • spray adhesive (Elmer’s)
  • Ribbon (from Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Paint (from Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Hot glue gun

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-11-OneKriegerChick I went shopping in my garage and happened to have this gorgeous antique brass frame, so I popped the photo and glass out and cleaned it up.  I bet you could find something similar at a Thrift Store or Garage Sale…An over-sized embroidery hoop would look cool too!  It happened to have a metal backing which I used to make a cardboard insert.  I traced the metal backing onto the chip board, then cut it out using an exacto knife. If there is not a backing or insert in your frame, just trace the inside of the frame.  You want it to fit inside snugly.

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-12-OneKriegerChick I then I lightly painted the chip board with off white paint.  Knowing I was covering the chip board with burlap, I didn’t want the grey of the chipbord showing through the burlap.

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-15-OneKriegerChick I cut a piece of burlap a little larger than the chip board and used spray adhesive to attach the burlap to the board.  Then, I trimmed the burlap so that it just wrapped around the chipboard and secured in place with hot glue.

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-14-OneKriegerChick For the pumpkin detail, I freehand sketched a K on the pumpkin and proceeded to paint the K.  Lesson learned from this step:  never leave a project with wet paint around a 3 year old.  It’s just impossible to resist dragging little fingers through wet paint.  I may have flipped out a wee little bit after I saw it…

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-16-OneKriegerChick Unfortunately, the paint did not scrub or scrape off the pumpkin.  After a bit of touch up, I was able to finish the K and go over all the mishaps with a cream chalk paint.  Unless you look really close, no one will ever know.

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-OneKriegerChick See that little piece of washi tape?  I put that in place so I would know where to place the pumpkin. There’s a little edge on the back of the pumpkin which I used to attach it with hot glue to the frame.  The frame had built-in openings on each side that were perfect for attaching the ribbon.  If your frame does not have this, Loop the ribbon through the top of the frame under the chipboard. 

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-1-OneKriegerChick

 And just like that you have a Festive Framed Monogrammed Pumpkin…perfect to hang on the door all season.

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-4-OneKriegerChick Now, to decorate the rest of my front porch…This was just the inspiration I needed!  P.S…My front porch looks super cute and festive now!  I’ll be sharing soon. :) 

Monogram Pumpkin Door Decor-9-OneKriegerChick

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Want to see more of my Fall decor?  I never got my act together this year to share a full home tour, but I will be sharing my Rustic Neutral Mantel tomorrow…Make sure to stop back by.  

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