Jack-o-Lantern lampshades {inspired by Ballard Designs}

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I’m all about quick and easy home decor…you may already know that.  Especially when it comes to comes to holidays in which you only decorate for such a short time.  Today, I’m sharing an idea with you that I previously share on Polished Habitat…They are so cute, and have such kid appeal, that I’m bringing them back out this year… Ballard Designs Inspired Lampshades-OneKriegerChick.com

 When I was flipping through my latest Ballard Designs catalog, I came across these darling Jack-o-Lantern Lampshades.  Cute, huh!  I thought my boys would love them, until I looked at the price…$18.00…EACH!! (Note: these were in a Fall 2014 catalog, so I’m not sure they’re still available for purchase)

My wheels started turning and I knew I could create a similar look for less…much less.  Ready to see how?  Okay, let’s get started…

You’ll need orange felt, small sharp scissors, and a marker.  (I used my existing lampshade)

Jack-o-lantern lampshades-supplies-OneKriegerChick.com Start by measuring the height of the lampshade.  I lucked out that my lampshades were exactly half the width of the felt.

jack-o-lantern lampshade-template-OneKriegerChick.com Draw a jack-o-lantern face on the felt using the marker and carefully cut out.

jack-o-lantern-cutout-OneKriegerChick.com Then, fold the felt in half and use the image already cut out as a template to trace the other side.

jack-o-lantern lampshade-make-two-from-one-piece-of-felt-OneKriegerChick.com Cut out the other side, then cut along the middle of the felt piece.  This will leave you with two felt strips with jack-o-lantern cut-out images.

jack-o-lantern-lampshade-make 2-OneKriegerChick.com When I created these, I wanted to enjoy them through Halloween, but be able to take them down after without damaging my existing lampshades.  So, I just attached them with double sided tape.  The felt does not reach all the way around the lampshade, but far enough that it cannot be seen on a wall mounted sconce.  For a chandelier, I would suggest purchasing felt off of a bolt.  

jack-o-lantern-lampshade-covers-temporary-OneKriegerChick.com Now, for $.34- the cost of the felt, I have two fun jack-o-lantern lights in my Living Room.  So fun!  And you better believe my boys love them!!

jack-o-lantern-lampshade-covers-lighted-OneKriegerChick.com Just as cute in the daytime as when they are all lit up in the evening… Make these Jack-O-Lantern lampshade covers for quick and easy Halloween Decor-OneKriegerChick

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Do you decorate for Halloween?

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