Bubble Wrap Art

Hey there! I shared this fun kids art project over at Sugar Bee Crafts a couple weeks ago, but just in case you missed it…I’m sharing the full tutorial here today!  Yay!  With all three of my boys home during the summer, I’m always trying to come up with projects to keep them busy…and away from the TV.  Our dining room has basically turned into an Art Studio and my boys are loving it.  

A few weeks ago, my boys attended a kids art class based on the book, Press Here by Herve Tullet.  It’s one of my boys favorite books and my boys get such a kick out of what the funny colored dots are going to do from page to page.  At the class, they were able to create with lots and lots of circles and dots.  Out of all the creating, their favorite was the bubble wrap…plus they got to stand on it and pop it!

Ready to see how to create your own  Bubble Wrap Art? Bubble Wrap paintings- fun for kiddos and adults too! OneKriegerChick.com-1

You’ll need…

  • Small sheets of bubble wrap (optional- cut to the size of paper)
  • paint (red, yellow, blue, white, black, or colors you prefer)
  • small paint brushes (q-tips or cotton balls would be fun too!)
  • water for cleaning brushes
  • plate for mixing paint
  • painters tape
  • sheets of white paper

Let’s get started…

 Create a set-up similar to this… Bubble Wrap paintings- fun for kiddos and makes unique artwork for you-7- OneKriegerChick.com-1

You could give the kids primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and teach them to mix the colors to create secondary colors (purple, green, orange):

  • red + blue = purple
  • blue + yellow = green
  • yellow + red = orange
  • add black to make the color darker
  • add white to make the color lighter
  • mix all colors together to make mud (brown)

OR give them the colors you would like to see in the artwork on your walls. 😉

Both large and small bubble wrap looks cool…Have kids do both or whatever you have on hand.

We used small bubble wrap because that’s what I had an abundance of.  

I simply set up their space and let them paint away.  My older boys prefer smaller paintbrushes because they can paint every single bubble individually.  My youngest, who’s 3, doesn’t quite have the patience for that…yet.

After the bubbles are painted, lay a piece of white paper (we used cardstock) over the top of the painted bubble wrap.  Press gently all over…Or smash it for a more blurred look…Both look super cool.  Peel the paper off and see the bubbly masterpiece.  There’s enough paint on the bubble wrap to press another piece of paper for a more muted bubbly effect.  Bubble Wrap paintings- fun for kiddos and makes unique artwork for you-8- OneKriegerChick.com-1

Bubble Wrap paintings- fun for kiddos and makes unique artwork for you-9- OneKriegerChick.com-1

Allow the painting(s) to dry.  Cut to the desired size and frame as part of your decor.  My boys LOVE to see their artwork on display and you know what…I do too! Bubble Wrap paintings- fun for kiddos and makes unique artwork for you-4- OneKriegerChick.com-1

Decorating doesn’t have to be serious…Have fun with it!  I love how these look on my living room shelves and the boys are proud to see their art on display.

Here’s a few other ideas to help keep the kiddos busy this summer… Fun for kids

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What are your favorite summertime activities?

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