Sea Animal Framed Handprint Art

Hello Friends!  It’s been a busy few weeks around here and I haven’t given the old blog as much attention as usual.  We went on a much needed family vacation to Colorado and I’m trying to soak up all the time I can with my boys while they are still home for the summer.  And…in all honesty, I’ve been soaking up as much fun in the sun around the pool as possible too.  This is my favorite time of year…

Even though it sounds like I’m just loafing around (I am), I’ve been using much of that time planning some fun remodels…Master bedroom and Laundry…Projects won’t start until the boys head back to school in a couple weeks, but I’m already getting excited.  Follow along with me on Pinterest for sneak peeks…

While I’m busy loafing, daydreaming, and planning…I’ll share a fun little project I created for my boys bathroom a couple years ago.  It’s an oldie, but goodie…Perfect for this time of year for a little outdoor crafting session…

Sea Animal Framed Handprint Art 20140717-Sea Animal Handprint Art If you’ve ever been to my blog, you know I love capturing my boys handprints…for every season or holiday.  So, when it came time to decorate the boys shared bathroom, I knew I wanted to incorporate them into the artwork.  It would have been easy to run to Target and pick out a few cute pieces of artwork, but they wouldn’t have the special memory or meaning as homemade.  Plus, these were so inexpensive to make and I was on a super-tight decorating budget!

Let’s get started…You’ll need to gather up

  • white card stock paper
  • paint in colors of your choice
  • a foam brush per color used
  • googly eyes and adhesive
  • colored extra-fine point markers (I used Sharpies)

I had already purchased a shower curtain in these bright colors and used it to plan the room around.  The boys chose what Sea Animal they wanted to create from their handprint and I chose the colors…

For the Fish:  This is the easiest of the three.  I just painted one hand and pressed it gently onto the paper.  Then, I adhered a googly eye and added a smile with a fine point marker. Create one of a kind Sea Animal Handprint Art- quick, easy, and oh so cute!-4- For the Octopus:  I painted one hand then pressed it gently onto the paper.  Then, I painted the other hand and pressed gently onto the paper making sure to connect the hands.  Do not paint the thumbs…By doing this, you hope to leave the Octopus with eight legs.  Add googly eyes and a smile (optional.)

Create one of a kind Sea Animal Handprint Art- quick, easy, and oh so cute!-3- For the Lobster:  Use the foam brush to apply paint to the bottom of one foot.  Gently press onto the paper.  Wash off.  Then, apply paint to each hand, one at a time.  Press gently onto the paper above the footprint as seen in the photo.  Allow to dry, then adhere googly eyes and draw antennae with a coordinating fine point marker.

Create one of a kind Sea Animal Handprint Art- quick, easy, and oh so cute!-7- Once they were all painted and dry, I added their name and age to the bottom corner.

How-to-make-framed-sea-animal-handprint-art Then I framed each one in an inexpensive frame.  The frames were on sale at Michael’s 50% off for only $5.00 each and I had all the other supplies on hand.  $15 total for three cute pieces of Art…not too shabby!

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Hope you all have an Amazing day filled with loafing around and daydreaming!

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