Marquee Monogram Wall Art

Hi there!  Bet you thought I was never going to finish the boys bedroom makeover.  It’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated, but it’s still coming along.  One of these days I’ll have a full room reveal (and it’s pretty cute)…but today I’m going to share how I created a fun Marquee Monogram Wall Art… Marquee Monogram Wall Art- Fun and easy wall art made in less than 30 minutes! Also known as a night light…although it is pretty bright when it’s turned on.

 Have you seen these fun Marquee Monograms?  I walked past them at Michael’s Craft Store for weeks wondering what I could make with them.  Finally, I just bought them knowing I would come up with a project soon.  

In keeping with my boys request of adding blue and orange to their bedroom, this was the perfect way to sneak in some color.  And…these couldn’t be simpler to make.  Under 15 minutes each, seriously.  

Here’s how I made it…

You’ll need a marquee letter, patterned paper, glue dots or some sort of adhesive, scissors, pencil. Marquee Monogram Wall Art 7 Let’s get started…For the letter:

  1. Open package and set out pieces.
  2. Use letter template provided and trace it backwards onto the back side of a sheet of paper.  Make sure to indicate where the circles for the lights are.
  3. Cut out the letter.
  4. Use a hole punch to punch a small hole for each light.
  5. Glue paper into place inside Marquee Letter form.  I just added a few glue dots, but any adhesive will do.  The lights will hold it in place.
  6. Carefully push each clear plastic bulb through the paper side of the Marquee Letter.  Some go through easy and some require a little more force.
  7. On the back of the letter, push one mini light into the back of each bulb.  I started at one side and went around the letter.
  8. Glue or tape the battery box into place.  I used painters tape so it could easily be removed to change the batteries. Marquee Monogram Wall Art 9

Or…there are directions for the Marquee Letters are on the package and are super easy to follow.  I just have a problem with diving into a project and forgetting about reading directions.  I noticed them after completing two letters…that’s just how I roll. 

Now…Because it’s a shared bedroom, I didn’t want to just hang the letters on the wall.  They needed something to tie them together.

An ampersand, of course.

I just searched Ampersand in Cricut Design Space and chose one I liked.  I cut it out in the size I needed using my Cricut Explore.  Then, I taped it in place using painters tape and traced around the image with a pencil.  I removed the image and carefully painted in the lines using a paintbrush. Marquee Monogram Wall Art 8 The Marquee letters were hung and now the boys have a super fun Marquee Monogram…

Marquee Monogram Wall Art 11 Pretty fun, huh?!  Have you made anything with Marquee letters?

Hope you’re all having a great Summer!

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