Jellyfish Handprint Bookmarks

Looking for fun ideas to do with the kiddos over the Summer?  I’m always on the lookout too!  Handprint art is one kids craft sure to please kiddos and parents alike.  Why not turn those handprints into bookmarks… Handprints turned into Jellyfish cute! Have you ever thought to turn handprints into Jellyfish?  What about a jellyfish into a bookmark?  Me either.  During naptime the other day, my non-napper wanted to paint his hands.  He asked if we could turn his handprint into a bookmark for his books.  Sure, I thought. Kids come up with some really great ideas!

After painting his hands, it looked slightly like a jellyfish…So, now we have Jellyfish Handprint Bookmarks

So easy to make…Start be painting the palm of the hand and pressing gently on a piece of cardstock.

jellyfish-bookmark-painted-handprints After the paint dries, cut out each handprint.

Make-a-jellyfish-handprint-bookmark-in-three-easy-steps! It’s totally cute left like this (1), but we decided to make it a little sturdier with some coordinating cardstock.  We glued the hand to the cardstock and cut around the handprint. (2).  Just to top off the cuteness, we added a couple googly eyes.

In order for the bookmark to stay on the page, simply cut a smile using an exacto knife.   Make-your-own-jellyfish-handprint-bookmarks-perfect-Summertime-memory! Now, it’s time to mark the pages in a book…A friendly little jellyfish will be smiling the next time that book is opened.

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