Decorative Tray embellished with Kids Artwork

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Hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend.  My boys had a couple days off, giving us lots of time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.  I love this time of year…It makes me want to clean all the spaces in my house.  The other weekend it was the mudroom and pantry, this weekend…the laundry room- Not sure what room will be the next culprit!  This is also the time of year when I notice how many darling pieces of artwork my boys have made me through the year.  Do you do this too?  Find yourself wondering what to do with all of the super-cute-definitely-cannot-throw-away Artwork your kids bring home from school at the end of the year?  

Today, I’m going to show you how you can embellish a decorative tray using your child’s too-cute-to-throw-away-artwork.

Kids Artwork Embellished tray- OneKriegerChick

My oldest brought home a folder of ALL the art projects he has completed during the school year.  It’s all so cute…I just cannot throw it away.  So, I’ve been coming up with ways to incorporate the boys Art and toys into our home decor.


One of the projects I put together is an embellished tray…

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to put together too!

Gather up your favorite pieces of your child’s artwork and a tray with a flat surface.  I spray painted an old tray with Rust-Oleum’s lemon grass in a satin finish-the perfect cheery yellow.  Copy sections of the artwork onto white card stock.  I used my home printer, but if you do not have a copier at home, you can copy fairly inexpensively at Office Max, Staples, or other copy store.  


Cut pieces to fit the bottom of your tray.  You may choose to keep it simple like I did, or make a cool patchwork of many pieces of Art.   Or have your kiddos help create a mosaic.

Glue the pieces together.  If you have access to a laminator, I would recommend laminating to protect it from the accidental spill.


How fun…right!  My boys thought it was super-cool that Mom had decorated with their toys and books.


I mean…if your house if anything like ours, the kids stuff is everywhere.  Why not embrace it and set it out on display…



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