Easter Bunny Pillow with pompom tail

Hello Friends! Oh, How I love Spring and all that the season brings with it…longer days, warmer weather, budding trees, blooming flowers, but most importantly Easter.  Easter is so much more than bunnies and eggs, but I still love to scatter a few around the house.  Can you believe I did not have an Easter Bunny Pillow?  It was about time I made one, don’t you think?! Sweet Bunny Pillow with pompom tail made from ribbon! So cute for Easter and Spring! OneKriegerChick.com Have 30 minutes?  You can make this pillow! 

Let’s get started…

First, you’ll want to make or purchase a pillow cover.  I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon.  They have all different fun patterns and colors too.  Then lightly trace a bunny shape onto the pillow and paint using Velveteen paint.  See detailed instructions {HERE}.

Now, it’s time to make a fuzzy tail…out of ribbon!  A ribbon pompom!  The cuteness is killing me and it is so easy to make!

Gather some supplies… Supplies for ribbon pompom- OneKriegerChick.com {fabric scissors, springy ribbons, and a needle and thread- not shown}

Cut quite a few pieces of ribbon a similar length.  The more you add, the fuller and fluffier the pompom tail. Ribbon pompom- step 1- OneKriegerChick.com Gather them all together, making sure the ribbons are all mixed up- not all the same color together. Clear as mud?  Hope the photos help…  Thread a needle with a double knot at the end.  Wrap the thread around the middle of the bunch of ribbons.  

Ribbon pompom- step 2- OneKriegerChick.com It’s probably fine to leave it like this, but I ran a couple stitches through the middle too.  Hopefully this keeps the tail from losing ribbons with three little boys bouncing on it.  Don’t cut the thread just yet, though.

Ribbon pompom- step 3-OneKriegerChick.com Fluff the ribbons…Ack…I love it just like this!

How to make a pompom out of ribbon! SO darling! OneKriegerChick.com With the leftover thread, run a few stitches into the tail area of the bunny to attach it to the pillow cover.  I ran quite a few stitches…my attempt to make it boy-proof. 😉  Fill it with a pillow form…

And…just like that…it’s done!  Now to enjoy its cuteness all season… Make your own Velveteen Rabbit pillow- Perfect for Easter or Spring! OneKriegerChick.com Oh, and here are 13 other Darling Easter projects from the rest of the talented #CreativeBuzz Team…Just click the links to see how you can make the projects for yourself!

So much Easter cuteness in one place…I can hardly stand it!

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Wishing you the Happiest Easter Season!

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