M is for Monogram {Scrappy Spring Wreath}

 Hello there…Happy Saturday!  It’s your lucky day!  I normally don’t post on Saturdays, but last year I was a part of an A-Z Monthly Craft Challenge organized by Stephanie at Crafting in the Rain and of course I had to take part again this year.  

Can you guess what letter I chose?

If you guessed ‘M’…ding, ding, ding…You are correct! Scrappy Spring Monogram Wreath- OneKriegerChick.com

‘M’ is for Monogram…of course a Monogram all decked out.  I love Monograms!

Such a quick and easy project too…

You’ll need…

{Monogram (mine is from Hobby Lobby clearance), fabric and/or ribbon scraps, scissors for cutting (not pictured)} Supplies for Monogram Scrappy Spring Wreath...OneKriegerChick.com

If you cannot find a Monogram exactly like mine…don’t stress!  You could easily use a round wreath form and hang an initial in the middle.

I happened to buy this monogram on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year and had it hanging in my dining room.  But…every time I looked over at it it seemed like it needed a new home.  It wasn’t doing much for the dining room, but I never thought up a new home for it.  Then when the A to Z Challenge came along, I knew exactly what to do with it…

First I cut a twill fabric into strips long enough to tie around the circle.  Then, I just started tying the strips on.  It’s just that easy!  

M is for Monogram Scrappy Wreath- almost finished- OneKriegerChick.com Once I had all of the twill strips tied on, it looked a little bare…It needed a little something more.

COLOR, of course!

So…I raided my ribbon stash and tied on a few strips of ribbon in bright Springy colors… A few ribbons- the perfect Spring touch! OneKriegerChick.com

Much better…just the pop of color the wreath needed. And a great use of scraps! Spring Scrappy Monogram Wreath- OneKriegerChick.com

This works perfectly on my front door, which is often neglected when it comes to wreaths.  My husband would flip if the door got all scratched up, so I usually don;t hang anything on it.  The fabric scraps provide a soft barrier between the door and the wreath.  Yay!  Problem solved.  Now…I just need to Spring-ify the rest of my front porch… M is for Monogram {Scrappy Spring Monogram Wreath} I’d say I’m off to a great start!  Of course you want to see all of the other A to Z projects, so head on over to Crafting in the Rain to check them out…

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Working on any Spring decor this weekend?

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