Easter Egg Friends

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Boy do I have a CUTE craft to share with you today.  Seriously, I have been SO excited to share this project!  If you have been following along with my blog for long, you may have noticed I love small crafts, involving my boys, and decorating for holidays.  My boys and I had a ball creating these little Easter Egg Friends… Easter Egg Friends- made with PAAS Easter Egg dying kits- Fun craft for kids! OneKriegerChick.com Aren’t they so cute!?  I’m so excited with how they turned out…The boys are pretty proud too and didn’t even want to eat them!

I know you will all want to make your own, especially when you see how easy they are to make.

We started by dying hard cooked eggs. (I say “we” loosely because my 7 year old did this ALL BY HIMSELF.)  Of course, we used brown farm eggs from our own chickens…I really do think brown eggs make the most beautiful dyed eggs. I let my oldest, August, choose what PAAS Egg dying kit he wanted to use and he chose the cups.  He looked at the photo on the back of the box and followed the pictorial directions.  I was just there to assist…Actually, he pushed me out of the way and told me to just watch and take pictures.  Okay! 

He set everything up on the island and went to work.  First, he colored different patterns on the brown eggs with the wax crayon provided in the kit. Coloring on eggs with wax crayon- OneKriegerChick.com Then, he dyed each egg.  

PAAS Egg dying kits are so easy to use- My 7-year old did it all by himself! OneKriegerChick.com He realized that the longer he left the egg in the dye, the deeper the color…Pretty cool!  He also loved that the wax patterns showed through the dye.  So, not only was he having fun- he was learning too! Dying Eggs couldn't be easier! Love the PAAS Egg dying kits! OneKriegerChick.com As beautiful as the eggs were all by themselves, I wanted to use a few of them to create a fun craft.  I prepped all of the supplies for the boys and let them each choose an Easter Friend to create: A Chick, Bunny, and Carrot.  I know a carrot is not really a friend, but I thought it would be cute…

I imagine you have most of these supplies at home… Supplies for Easter Egg Friends- OneKriegerChick.com {Colorful papers, glue, cupcake liners, googly eyes, scissors, toilet paper tubes. Optional: paper crimper}

Cut each toilet paper tube in half, then cover it in a 6 x 2 in piece of patterned paper.  Great use of scraps!  Tip: use a clothespin to hold the edge of paper to the toilet paper tube until it dried. Covering the tube- One Krieger Chick.com Next, cut a 1.5 x 6 inch strip of a coordinating paper.  Cut one side to give it a fringe effect.  Glue into the top of the toilet paper tube.  Adding a fringe edge to the basket- One Krieger Chick.com See the little treats in the tube?  I stuck a small cupcake liner into the tube and filled it with treats! A Yummy Surprise! Easter treat cups- One Krieger Chick.com

Darling Easter Egg Friends from OneKriegerChick.com Now to transform each egg into a friend…

For the Carrot: Glue googly eyes and crimped paper strips on the top.

For the Chick: Glue googly eyes and a beak.

For the Bunny: Glue googly eyes, a mini pom pom nose, and little floppy ears.

I know they are darling just. like. this.  BUT…wouldn’t they be even cuter set at a table for children?  Of course!  Kids will feel super special when they see not only these little friends, but a table setting just for them.  

It doesn’t have to be super fancy to make kids feel special.  Just look at how quickly these coordinated place setting came together.  All I did was raid my stash of paper products and looked around my house for items that would be cute.  

For the charger, I cut a scalloped circle from a piece of black cardstock using my Cricut.  I have a huge collection of antique white dishes, so I pulled out a small plate.  A paper napkin and paper straw to coordinate with the color of the Easter Egg Friend, burlap runner, small mason jar as a drinking glass, and a small accessory.  Simple, but special!

For the Carrot Egg Friend: Orange Carrot Egg made using PAAS Easter Egg dying kits- Such a fun kids craft!- OneKriegerChick.com For the Little Chick: 

Yellow Chick Easter Egg made with PAAS Easter Kits- So fun! OneKriegerChick.com And for the Little Pink Bunny:

Easter place setting- OneKriegerChick.com Placing them all on the same table would be super cute too!  Write their names on the black charger or add their initial to the toilet paper roll egg stand.  Easter is such a special time of year…

Easter Friends made from hard cooked eggs- So cute for Spring and Easter! One Krieger Chick

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Happy Easter!

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      Thanks so much, Katie! My boys loved them so much I had to make a blown egg version for them because they wanted to display them in their rooms. 😉

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