DIY Wooden Arrows {from paint sticks}

Hello Friends!  Have you been bitten by the Valentine’s Love Bug?  I sure have, but living in a house of boys…It’s more like being shot with one of Cupid’s arrows!  


I created these fun Paint Stick Arrows last year for the SNAP! blog, but never shared them on my blog.  It’s about time, don’t you think!  Fun, right?!  And so easy to make…

Let me show you… Per Arrow, you will need…

  • 3 long paint stir sticks used for 5 gallon pails of paint.  They are longer, thicker and sturdier than the small paint stir sticks.
  • wood glue or other preferred adhesive
  • Paint
  • Saw for cutting 

I decided one was not enough, so I made three.   Set aside three paint sticks to serve as the base. paint stick arrows To create the points of the arrows and the fletching (wings at the back), measure and mark 3 sets of 6 parallelograms (slanted rectangles). I numbered mine too, but you don’t have to.   paint stick arrows7 Make cuts along the lines.  There should be 18 total parallelogram shaped pieces that look like this…9 per Arrow. paint stick arrows- 6 Knowing I only wanted to paint one side, I laid it all out to make sure I liked the pattern before painting.


Now for painting…I chose to paint mine a chalky antique white so I can use them all year in my decorating, but they would be fun in any color with any distressing technique. paint stick arrows4 They should dry pretty quickly.  Once they are dry, it’s time to glue the pieces together. Starting with either end, apply a small amount of wood glue to the base and press 2 small pieces together.  Continue with each piece. Adhering Arrow pieces Once the glue dries, they are ready for display… I paired one with my Pottery Barn Inspired Yarn Heart…and displayed them in my Valentine’s Mantel display last year…



And really loved how they looked in my bathroom…

DIY-Paint Stick Arrows

But now they reside on the wall in my oldest son’s room.  They fit perfectly with the Adventure theme we’ve been working with in his room.   Make your own wooden arrows from paint sticks- simple and so inexpensive to create-

Arrow Wall Art- made from paint sticks-

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