Our {Perfect}ly Imperfect Home Tour

Have you browsed Pinterest in the past three months? Have you drooled over the beautiful home tours of your favorite bloggers? Between the perfect burlap-wheat-mum-and-pumpkin Fall Tours and the rustic-modern-and-vintage-all-at-once Christmas Home Tours, do you ever wonder how these ladies get it all done? Do you ever wonder what the behind-the-scenes-not-so-picture-perfect homes look like? And … what do these creative bloggers do all day, exactly??

Well, I’ve teamed up with eight other bloggers to give you a behind the scenes look at our REAL homes and lives. The day-to-day happenings, and the less-than-magazine-worthy-pictures. We’re busy … far, far from perfect, and wear many hats (just like most moms). So, grab your coffee, wine, or other beverage of choice, and join us for our ‘Real Life’ home tours (and feel good about your own home at the same time).

I’ll start with mine … I apologize if you find any of these photos disturbing 😉

Way back when I was a mother of one small boy, and I was trying to do it all…take care of a toddler, keep the house clean, cook healthy meals, keep up with my laundry…All perfectly, of course.  A wise woman told me that my children would never remember the clean house or the organized laundry or how much time I spent on preparing dinner.  What they would remember, though, is the time I spent with them…cooking together or painting, reading, building, going for walks outside….

And you know what…she was SO right!

Fast forward a few years… I thought the playroom was downstairs OneKriegerChick.com and three boys later, my house is nowhere near perfect and my laundry is almost never put away.  I would lose my mind trying to keep up with it all…(believe me, I’ve tried- to keep up with it- not lose my mind)

Another day...more laundry...OneKriegerChick.com Now, my boys come to me and say…”Mom, do you remember when we painted using marbles in a cardboard box?”


 “Do you remember when we brought the water table inside and filled it with beans/rice/soapy water?”


“Do you remember when you let us play with snow dough on the kitchen island?”…

“Mom…Can we do that again?”

They don’t remember the giant messes these projects created (I do! and made a mental note to never do them again) but my boys remember how fun the activities were and that I let them have the experience…

So, if any of you come over to my home unexpectedly…Don’t expect to see the perfectly edited pictures I share on my blog.  That’s not our everyday.  That’s a whole lotta work to create a perfectly pinnable image.  In reality, that image lasts until my boys wake up from their nap or come home from school. And probably why I do not share as many home projects as I should. New accessory- Monster trucks! OneKriegerChick.com {Everyone parks their Monster Trucks in a straight line while brushing their teeth on the floor, right…}

Why am I sharing our messy side?  Because, 1- I thought it would be fun…and 2- I imagine some of your days may look a little bit like mine.  My life is far from perfect.  I do not live in a magazine (although I often dream of it…)  I feel like sometimes we get caught up in wanting our homes to look like the images floating across our screen while perusing Pinterest.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit how guilty I am of this…all the time.  I find myself thinking “How can these women do so much more than I can?”  and “How can they keep their homes so perfect?” Then, I have to snap myself out of it and look around at how beautiful my home really is and how much I do accomplish.  There are so many features in my home I would never trade for a brand new home or a huge home…I know many of you can keep up with it all and have perfectly clean and organized homes, but I haven’t been able to figure that one out yet.  I’m not sure I ever will… My beautiful baking mess- OneKriegerChick.com {My kitchen after a morning of baking…with helpers}

Mind you…I can only stand the mess for so long before I start to go crazy…and go on a cleaning/organizing frenzy…on the other days, I have learned to look past the messes and enjoy…They are only little once, right?

I love that my dining room doubles as an arts/crafts/learning space… Always creating...OneKriegerChick.com I just sweep off whatever project I’m working on…or six projects at the same time… It gets worse before it gets better- OneKriegerChick.com and pile it on my highly functional “desk” in the corner… Don't mind my desk- OneKriegerChick.com …more often than not there are cut paper pieces on the floor…or pom poms…or bits of dried playdough… boy mischief 6-OneKriegerChick.com

boy mischief-3- OneKriegerChick.com I love that I find glitter in the cracks of my hardwood floors…for months and months and months… boy mischief-5-OneKriegerChick.com {This happened to be the morning before a MOPS meeting, so I left it until we got home.  Then, I scooped up what I could and we crafted with it.  The boys thought it was great…I might have bit my tongue (a lot)!}

I love that my shower walls are covered in graffiti…{Completely washable.  Bathtime gives me the perfect opportunity to look at a magazine :)}

I love that our coffee table is more often used as a fort… {I love listening to them chat and giggle because they think I can’t hear them under there…haha!} Why we keep so many blankets...OneKriegerChick.com I love that my boys are always creating something new and can entertain themselves…even if it makes a big mess.  Like rearranging their room…One morning a room is clean…an hour later, it looks like this…

Wasn't this room clean this morning OneKriegerChick.com Most importantly, I love that I am blessed with the opportunity to stay home with them…and make all of these messes.

One day they will be older and want little to do with me…I won’t be “cool” to hug and spend time with.

I’m not sure they always think I’m “cool” now, but they can never say we didn’t do anything fun when they were little boys…and they can definitely never say that I put cleaning before spending time making memories with them.  Making memories...Just pay no attention to the laundry on the sofa- OneKriegerChick.com {don’t mind the laundry in the background}

mess #2

{Who knew baby powder would be so fun? At least this made the carpet smell good when I vacuumed it all up}

One day my house may be perfectly clean and organized…with shining counters…fluffed pillows on the sofa (as opposed to the floor)…And stripes in the carpet… thankful for clean tables

But for now, I’m happy with {Perfect}ly Imperfect… and a sane Mama!

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What about you? Do you tend to be more like me or have you figured out the secret to keeping it all together?

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*Please note: these photos were NOT all taken on the same day or even in the same month. Most photos were taken right before I cleaned up the messes- with my three best helpers!*


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    Oh, Ariean, I love this!!! It’s like I always want to put that disclaimer under my photos–my children were NOT here or were napping when these pictures were taken! Thanks for being real and for reminding us of the important things! Your home is more beautiful BECAUSE of those little men!

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    This was a great home tour, loved everything about it. It’s crazy these messes this little kids make. They are so small how can they do it, but they do. I should have gotten a crafting scene in my post. It can get pretty messy as well. I’m so glad we did this post. It was a lot of fun working on it. Plus I see your a MOPS girl too. I haven’t found one close to me in NC.

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    Ariean … your post almost had me in tears (also could be the wine I’m drinking). You’re so right … they are only little once, and it’s so important to enjoy it now. I have to remind myself again and again how lucky I am to get to stay home with my little guys! Really … there was a time not too long ago that that’s ALL I wanted in the whole world … to be able to quit my job and stay home with my boys! We ARE so blessed. Who cares about the laundry and the glitter, right?!?

    Thanks so much for sharing. Your post was really touching! Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

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