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With three boys in three different schools starting at three different times, our mornings can get a little crazy. I try really hard to be organized, but it can be a challenge wrangling three little boys into getting ready for school and out the door on time. Who are we kidding… I’m rarely on time!  Planning ahead helps me out so much.  

When it comes to breakfast…I want the boys to eat healthy, but need it to be quick or something they can prepare themselves. They would eat eggs, pancakes, or waffles everyday, but who has that much extra time each morning?  Not I.  So here’s a fun idea I came up with that continues to be a favorite… Prepare ahead of time and enjoy Sundaes for Breakfast the next morning! My boys LOVE  what I call Breakfast Sundaes

Ingredients to make Breakfast Where this idea came from…Last Spring, a Nutritionist spoke at our MOPS meeting about getting healthier foods into our kiddos diets.  I’m really lucky that my kids are very good eaters and not at all what I consider picky.  I learned so much from her, but my biggest take-away was a new concept for getting my kids to eat healthy breakfasts with little to no help from me.  

The concept is…1 protein + 2 colors

Easy, right?  Why didn’t I think of that!  Kids need “brain food”  Proteins and Colors= Brain Food (food that is going to keep them full and trigger their brains to learn) Not sugary cereals or empty carbs that make them feel full for a short time and then leave them feeling hungry.

We have discovered many different breakfasts that incorporate this concept, but one of my boys favorites is…Breakfast Sundaes.  Not a Sundae at all, but the name sure sounds enticing in the morning!

For our Breakfast Sundaes, all I do is set out our favorite Greek yogurt and toppings like fruit, cinnamon, granola, and sometimes chocolate chips or sprinkles.  Then let the boys build them they way they like. Of course, I have to assist a little to make sure the entire jar isn’t filled with yogurt with a “side” of fruit.  Greek yogurt= Protein and 2 choices of fruit= 2 colors

What’s so great about these? Well, besides that they are delicious… They are filling, healthy, can be made ahead, kids can customize with the fruit they like, and they are perfect for on the go!  There’s no wrong way to make them… Breakfast Sundaes- A morning treat! I just use 1/2 pint mason jars and reuse them. For some reason, the boys love them even more in the jars. I like that the jars have measuring marks on the side too. And if I know we’re going to have a busier morning that usual, I just make some up the night before and stick them in the fridge.  If I don’t plan ahead and make these the night before, they are easy enough for my boys to make themselves in the morning.  OR Skip the jars and add a topping of fruit to an individually packaged Greek yogurt.  This adds even more flavor variety. :)

Make ahead Breakfast Sundaes- perfect for a busy morning! You may not be able to tell, but each of these is different: one has layers of yogurt and fruit, another has the Cinnamon mixed in the yogurt, another has Cinnamon on top…their Sundae, their way!  Make food fun and kids will eat it- so, so true!

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Want more of my quick and yummy breakfast ideas using the 1 Protein + 2 Colors idea?  Leave me a comment!  I would love to share!

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