Glitzy Reindeer Ugly Sweater

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Hello there friends!  Ready for a super fun post?  Of course you are!  Because who doesn’t LOVE an Ugly Christmas Sweater!  After this, you will be full of inspiration to make your own!

Glitzy Reindeer Ugly Sweater at #uglysweaterchallenge I was so thrilled when all of these goodies arrived in the mail for me to create a holiday sweater in an #uglysweaterchallenge 

Awesome #uglysweaterchallenge supplies Off to the thrift store I went to find the perfect sweater.  Lucky me- I found a sweater that was pre-embellished around the cuffs and hem.  Woohoo!

Ready to see how I did it?


  • Ugly Sweater or Sweatshirt
  • Stencils of choice (Deer and light bulbs)
  • Stencil brush
  • Tulip brand Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint in multiple colors
  • Tulip brand Fabric Paint in gold
  • Tulip brand  Fabric glue
  • Tulip brand fine Glitter for Fabrics
  • Optional- other little glitzy embellishments

Have you heard of the children’s Christmas book, “Moosletoe?”  It happens to be one of our family favorites and my inspiration for the sweater…I started with a reindeer silhouette I had cut out on my Cricut Explore for a previous project.  I lined it up and chose to use gold fabric paint…the more glitz, the better, right!

Deer stencil- #uglysweaterchallenge I painted inside the stencil until I had the color I wanted. I love Tulip brand fabric paints because they are thick and go on smooth.  I used quite a bit of paint so it would be really gold…

Painted deer stencil- #uglysweaterchallenge

Deer silhouette- #uglysweaterchallenge Can’t stop there…Must add embellishments, right!  I loved the chance to play with puff paint…I used to be quite the puff paint artiste back in my elementary and middle school days.  I just swirled the Tulip brand Silver Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint around the antlers until I thought it was enough.  In hindsight, I probably could have added more!

puff paint light strand- #uglysweaterchallenge Ugly Christmas Sweaters are all about more, more, more…So of course, I’m going to add more…I cut out this little Christmas light on my Cricut Explore to use as a stencil… light blb stencil- #uglysweaterchallenge I filled the top in with Tulip brand Gold Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint and the light bulb part in with Tulip brand Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint in other bright colors.  Apply the paint fairly liberally to the bottom section so the sweater fabric does not peek through.  Because the paint is so thick, it takes quite a while to dry.  Do not save this project for the last minute before heading to a party.  I recommend letting it dry overnight, at least.   How to make a Glitter Lightbulb- #uglysweaterchallenge I wanted to try out ALL of the glittery goodness on my sweater, so for a few of the bulbs, I applied Fashion Glitter Adhesive and sprinkled fine glitter over the top.  Awesome…SO Sparkly!! How to add glitter to a sweater- #uglysweaterchallenge Remember…More is More here…

Glittery lightbulbs- #uglysweaterchallenge And More…a few circles of Tulip brand Diamond Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint  Why not add a sparkly pom-pom! #uglysweaterchallenge I just couldn’t stop adding swirls of paint around the bottom and a sparkly pom-pom nose…Oh and some little glitzy sequins too…why not?!  

And the entire time I was creating this Ugly Masterpiece, my boys were begging me to make one for them…They love it and can’t wait for me to make them one.  I’m not sure what that says about the sweater… Make your own Glitzy Reindeer Ugly Sweater- Perfect for the Holidays!  #uglysweaterchallenge Okay, now that I have this AMAZING Sweater…Who’s going to invite me to their Ugly Sweater Party?  

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      onekriegerchick says

      I may have to start that as my new tradition…It will be fun to embarrass my boys when they are older! hehe!

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    We do an ugly sweater party every year, I’ll be sure to send you an invite 😉 In fact, my husband has already hit every thrift store in town to snag all the sweaters he can find and then sets up an ugly sweater store in our garage each year to sell them on craigslist! LOL I love how this turned out!! Great idea for anyone that can’t find one that’s already… ugly! haha

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