How to style…Camouflage!

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Today I’m sharing something I haven’t shared in a long time…Fashion ideas! I’m no Fashionista, you all probably know that. But I do love fun accessories!
Over 5 Ways to style a Camouflage Tote-
When JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store sent me this Awesome Camouflage Tote, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have many outfits to wear it with. I’ll bet some of you are thinking the same thing. You know what I discovered? Camouflage goes with everything! Seriously. It’s like a neutral. Don’t believe me? I’m going to show you a few ways I style my new tote.

So…I went shopping…In my own closet!  Here’s what I came up with…

How to wear a Camouflage tote-1-

{Cuffed Denim jeans, 3/4 sleeve boat neck navy striped tee, leather booties, bronze and leather accessories}

How to wear a Camouflage tote

You all know how I love my Cowboy boots!  They go great with Camo!  

{belted Denim shirt shirt, Riding pants, Cowboy boots, gold and turquoise jewelry}

How to wear a Camouflage tote-3-

An even more casual look…Who ever said Camo doesn’t go with ruffles?!  Not I!

{Navy Ruffled pants, tank, jacket, flats, and simple gold hoops}

How to wear a Camouflage tote and other fun styling ideas!

Why so many gray shirts?  Because this is my go-to look.  I have quite the collection of gray shirts…this is just a few.  If you ever run into me in real life, 9 out of 10 days this is what I’ll be wearing.  Although the jeans may be substituted with yoga pants.  Proof that a Gray Tee goes perfectly with Camo.

And these are just a sampling of the outfits I have paired my tote with.  It’s a neutral and goes with everything, I tell ya!  Plus, it is the perfect size to fit all my Momma necessities.  And my boys think I’m super-cool wearing Camo.

How to style a Camouflage tote for Fall- Want your own Camouflage tote?  Of course you do!  Now that you know you can wear it with everything!!  Head to your nearest JoAnn Store and pick one up.  They are only available in-store.  

And you will really love this…It’s only $9.99!!  With a $30 purchase.  If I haven’t convinced you on the Camo pattern, there are other darling patterns too! Fall Totes from

Check out how Katie from Made to be a Momma is using hers… 10 Mom on the Go Essentials

Which pattern would you choose?

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