A Happy Gallery Wall

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Happy day friends!
Hope you are all having an Awesome weekend! We don’t have big plans besides me trying to knock out a few projects while the boys play. And…enjoy the pool as much as possible before we have to close it for the season.

In our home, one of my boys favorite places to play is in our classroom. I shared a little about it at the beginning of the Summer…I bet you are wanting to see more, right?

Today, I am sharing our Happy Gallery Wall. It just makes me happy to look at…And my boys love it too. Gallery Wall and Classroom-OneKriegerChick.com Above is the view as you enter the classroom.  It is a windowless room in a corner of our basement which used to be my husband’s office.  My intentions were to create a room that was bright and inspiring to learn and create…

Classroom Gallery Wall-OneKriegerChick.com Mission Accomplished!  The boys love having their own place to hang all of their creations, which rotate all the time. I had to take pictures while they were sleeping just so they would quit moving everything. So…if there is any question…it never looks this perfect.

Kids Gallery Wall-OneKriegerChick.com  In addition to all of my boys special artwork, how cool is this lightbulb?! Can you believe it is a giant vinyl wall decal? It’s from Wallternatives…the same company where I got my ABC Decals for the Chalkboard and Magnet Wall. Their selection of back-to-school inspirational art is outstanding- so many to choose from. I was so stinkin’ excited when it came in the mail and even more excited with how it looks on the wall! Definitely the finishing touch to the wall.

Desk space for little learners-OneKriegerChick.com Even the littlest boy has his own desk space!  My Mother-in-Law picked up this antique roll top desk at an auction years ago and each of my boys have loved using it.  It’s just the right size and they can stash all of their treasures in the desktop cubbies and the drawers.

Fun desk accessories-OneKriegerChick.com Perfect place to set the Zoo Animal organizers I created out of up-cycled jars.

Gallery wall and Home classroom-OneKriegerChick.com  The A, O, and E are my three boys initials and the abstract paintings were made by my older two boys.  I love to write out sayings and phrases with flash cards…

Fun Classroom Gallery Wall-OneKriegerChick.com I couldn’t resist adding a few printables to the line…Although, they were quickly replaced with artwork. {Printables: Smile , See You Later Alligator, YOU make the world Colorful}  How dare I hang something on their display line!   The display line is from my only trip to IKEA.  Luckily one is opening up in Kansas City next week! :)

And there’s that fun light bulb again…Isn’t it Awesome!  All I had to do was stick it to the wall.  It came shaped like that and everything!

Creative Kids Gallery Wall with wallternatives-OneKriegerChick.com Here’s how I adhered it to the wall…including an awesome shot of me thanks to my 5-year old cameraman! Applying Wall Decal- OneKriegerChick.com

  1. Determine where you want the decal.  I didn’t want mine to shift while I was working, so I stuck it to the wall with some painters tape.
  2. There are two parts to the decal- Carefully peel the backing off while pressing the sticky top layer to the wall using the tool provided.    
  3. Here I am modeling how this is done.  You want to do this very slowly to make sure there are not any bubbles in the vinyl.
  4. Continue until the entire decal is stuck on the wall.  
  5. Carefully peel the top layer off of the decal.  Because the letters are so small and narrow, you may have to individually press them back to the wall with the tool.  Continue until you have a fun new decal on the wall.
  6. This is just how I did it…For the best Tips, check out the Wallternatives page.

Love this look?  Check out all of the other Wallternatives Products! FAQS , Color Chart, Design Ideas…They are even having a SALE right now through 9/1! Happy Gallery Wall Before and After- OneKriegerChick.com

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Where would you use a fun wall decal in your home?

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