Make Ahead Frozen Lemon Berry Slush {adult and kid versions}

 Hello Friends!  Hope you are all having an Amazing week…so far!

I wanted to pop in today and share a delicious and Oh, So Simple drink I discovered this Summer…

Make-ahead-Lemon-Berry-Slush-perfect-for-parties! Oh, trust me…they taste even better than they look!

And…you make them ahead because they have to freeze – Perfect for parties and Barbecues!  With the Summer season winding down, we are spending as much time as possible outside.  I’ve been keeping a few of these in the freezer ready to enjoy in the evenings while the boys play outside.

Let’s make a batch…they are quick to put together… Ingredients for Adult version of a Lemon Berry Slush-make ahead!

You can tell by the ingredients these are going to be good, right!

Start by pouring 1 shot of Raspberry Vodka and 1 shot of plain Vodka into each mason jar.  Then, fill the mason jar to the top with Lemonade.  Make sure to leave enough room for some berries.  Strawberries are perfect!  Mine were already frozen, which worked out great.   Frozen Lemonade in a mason Place the lids back on the jars tightly.  Give them a little shake to mix up the ingredients.  Then pop them into the freezer until you need them next. Make ahead frozen lemon berry Quick and easy, right!  And if you want to make a kid-friendly or non-alcoholic version, just leave out the vodka.  Maybe add a bit of strawberry juice or pureed strawberries  for berry flavor.

And most importantly…Enjoy!

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