I SPY…An Awesome Lunchbox!

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Hello Friends!  School starts her on Thursday, so I’ve been busy making sure we have everything we need the make the first day a success.  Back to school outfit, new backpack, school supplies…and a way to make a lunchbox extra special! I Spy!  Awesome lunchbox learning game-OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop

All of my boys are really good eaters so I’m very lucky.  But some days they decide they don’t like broccoli or they don’t like cauliflower when they just liked it the day before.  So I have to get creative with how I fix their meals.  If their food is fun, they are more likely to eat it.

Now before you say “I don’t have time to make my kids foods fun”… I’m going to tell you yes you can!  It doesn’t take any extra time. Kids can even help!  Just start off the week by telling them you’re going to play a fun game with their lunch this week.  

Now I’m going to show you how easy it is to have fun with kids lunch…

Let’s play “I SPY”…Do you all play this in the car or when you are out and about?  We do, but why can’t a lunchbox be a fun “I SPY” game too?

Let’s start with packing an ordinary lunch… Not your ordinary lunch-OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop Not to worry…You have the right lunch.  Let’s see what’s in side… I Spy Lunchbox game-encourage kids to try new foods! OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop Ooh…it’s a fun “I SPY” game…What do you think is green on the inside?  

Now, try finding a round shape… I Spy Lunchbox game-Fun! OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop Depending on the age of the child, all sorts of words could be used to find food items.  If a child can read- use words or descriptors.  If a child is working on shapes or colors- use those.  Draw the shape or color next to the word.  Make up a bunch of these cards ahead of time and slide them into a sealed plastic baggie as needed.  The baggie will protect it from getting wet or covered in finger prints.  If you have access to a laminator, that’s another great option.  Either way, the cards can be used over and over again.  I Spy-Fun-Encouraging game for lunchboxes-OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop

Here are three variations of the I SPY cards.  Just print, cut out, and add personalized I SPY words.

I SPY Lunchbox notes- OneKriegerChick ~I Spy Lunchbox Notes-2 OneKriegerChick ~ I Spy Lunchbox notes 3

What’s so great about playing a lunchbox game?  Well, games are fun!  And this game has a special treat at the end of the week.  If the child spies each item on the cards Monday through Thursday and eats those items, then there will be a special treat in the lunchbox on Friday.  It teaches or reviews colors, shapes, vocabulary words.  And it encourages kids to try new foods or foods they might normally leave until last to eat…So fun, right! #MyGoodLife I Spy-A lunch game to encourage kids-OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop A special treat for an Awesome week! Encourage kids to try new foods with a fun game of I Spy-OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop Or a special treat for a special kid!  My boys love getting a surprise, especially in the form of a candy bar or juice box!  Walmart had fun size Nestle Butterfinger and Crunch candy bars, which are just the right size.  And refreshing and delicious Juicy Juice my boys love! #CollectiveBias something 4 They don’t even mind shopping with me if it’s in the candy aisle! Where to shop for Awesome lunchbox treats-OneKriegerChick.com #MyGoodLife #shop I tested this out on my boys a couple times this week…They couldn’t wait to find out what the special treat would be!  Just check out the giggles at the end of this Instagram Video I shot.

 A Surprise Lunchbox

Worth every extra minute it took putting this fun game together.  I think our school year is off to an Awesome start!

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