Exploding Soda {Fun with Science}

So, you all know I live in a house of boys.  Three Awesome Boys who like things that make messes, smell weird, create bubbles, and especially things that…EXPLODE!! How-to-make-soda-explode-and-learn-about-science-OneKriegerChick.com Today, I am sharing a Super Fun science experiment that completely took my boys off guard…Can you tell from the picture?  Ha!  It’s part of an Awesome Summer Survival for Boys Series organized by Kara from The Joys of Boys.  This week is all about Science!

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When I told my boys we were going to do something cool with soda, they thought they got to drink it.  I told them this was going to be WAY better!

Let’s get started…It’s so fun!


  • 2 liters of Cola and Diet Cola- any brand (I bought the cheapest I could find)
  • 2 index cards
  • Mentos- any flavor

WARNING: This is Messy!  Do this outside!

Now that I’ve warned you, let’s have some fun…and learn too!

I started by having my boys help set it up outside.  Then I asked them what they thought would happen.  Of course, they had No Clue!  They each got to choose a soda to do the experiment.  

My oldest chose the Diet Cola.  Little brother wants in on the fun too…

Exploding-Soda-Science-Fun-OneKriegerChick.com Roll one index card into a tube, then add one mento candy at a time until…it explodes!   Exploding Soda-So fun! Our 1st Round went so quickly I didn’t even have my camera ready!  I thought it would take more mentos to create a reaction. Exploding Soda-How cool! OneKriegerChick.com

So, with round 2, I had the boys guess how many mentos it would take- more or less than Round 1.

In true boy fashion…it was a competition.  They both thought theirs would take the most mentos and have the biggest explosion!

Turns out, Round 2 had the biggest explosion and took the least amount of mentos to create a reaction.  I had my camera ready this time, though!  His expression is priceless! Exploding Soda and Science Fun! OneKriegerChick.com Exploding Soda-Science is so fun! OneKriegerChick.com

Of course, we had to try it again…Good thing I bought extra soda! Exploding Soda-Let's do it again! OneKriegerChick.com

How fun was that? If kids are old enough, you can even explain the science behind it.  I went into a little detail with my boys, but they were way more interested in the explosion…and sneaking a drink afterward!

Exploding Soda-Sneaking a drink-OneKriegerChick.com

Here’s my Cliff’s Notes of what just happened…Mentos are made of sugar with a bumpy, uneven surface.  The carbonation (bubbles) from the soda collect in all of the uneven areas on the Mentos.  This experiment shows what happens when all the gas (bubbles) from the soda try to get into the surfaces of the Mentos at the same time and start bubbling to the surface of the soda.  Thus, the rush of soda exploding out.  

Our conclusion was that the Non-Diet Cola had the biggest explosion and used the least amount of Mentos to make it happen.  What’s your conclusion?

*Note…I am not a Science Educator, nor do I claim to be an expert on Scientific topics.  We just love to experiment and learn!*

What fun science experiments do your kids enjoy?

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