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Happy Monday Friends!  We just got back from a super fun weekend away at the Lake of the Ozarks with some friends.  It was so fun and my boys had an absolute ball!  The two older boys tried skiing for the first time and spent hours on the tube and wave runner.  Needless to say, they slept the whole ride home…Sometimes, it’s just nice to get away and relax.

Today, I am excited to have Kimberly from Stuffed Suitcase joining us to share with you a super cute craft I cannot wait to make with my boys.  I was lucky enough to meet Kimberly while I was at SNAP this year.  She is so fun and energetic and has a blog full of  Awesome travel ideas and tips…Be sure to head over there and check it out!

Another summer season is dwindling away and with it the loss of flexible schedules and sunny, warm days. But around the corner is a new school year and the joy of keeping our houses clean for longer than 10 minutes! This school countdown will help you embrace what’s left of the summer as well as help you look forward to the school year ahead. I’m Kimberly from Stuffed Suitcase, and I’m so happy to be guest posting here at One Krieger Chick with Ariean.

Use this School Countdown to get ready for back to school - free printable

This is a very affordable craft and I think lots of kids will enjoy the fun of changing the number each day! I love the old classic wooden rulers and thought they would look great as a frame for this school countdown.

Supplies to make a school countdown frame

First, let’s look at the supplies: 4 wooden rulers (I purchased these not on sale for 29 cents each), 8 x 10 photo frame (purchased from the dollar store), white chalk marker (craft store), this school countdown chalkboard free printable. I laminated the school countdown printable so I could write on it with my chalk marker. Another idea is use the glass of the photo frame to write on and place the printable underneath the glass. I was originally going to use the pink erasers as decoration on the frame, but decided I liked the clean lines of the rulers without the erasers in the end.

Placing the rulers on the frame and making measurement cut notes

School Countdown Place the school countdown printable in the frame. As I mentioned above, you can laminate and place it in the front of the frame to write on, or place it below the glass and write on the glass instead. Line up your rulers and make marks and notations where you need to make the cuts. I kept the tapering number edge towards the inside of the frame.

Masking tape to prevent splintering and hacksaw the ruler to the proper size

I placed masking tape around the area I was cutting to help prevent the wood from splintering. It also helped keep the metal ruler edge in the wood ruler groove. A hacksaw works well to cut through the metal and wood, although I did have to get hubby’s help getting through the metal on a couple.

Use glue gun to attach rulers to frame

This dollar store frame was perfectly sized to allow me even cuts of two 9″ ruler lengths, and two 11″ ruler lengths. Next I grabbed my glue gun to apply the rulers. I chose to tuck the cut edges under and have the beginning (0″) of the ruler be on top. I worked quickly to place glue at both corners and place the ruler down (under on one side, and over on the opposite side). The last glue application was a bit tricky trying to squeeze in some hot glue under the top ruler to help affix the bottom ruler.

School Countdown write-on art frame for back to school

There you have it! A fun school countdown that you or your kids can use to keep an eye on the number of summer days left and look forward to back to school!

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