The Best Iced Coffee at Home~Dolen Diaries guest post

Hello Friends!  I am soooo excited to share one of my favorite bloggers with you today.  You could say she’s my BBFF (Blog Best Friend Forever)…Cheesy, I know.  But, that’s kind of how Shelly from Dolen Diaries and I are.  She’s hilarious.  I’m not.  You could say we balance each other out.  Shelly and I connected what seems like ages ago because we both are Boy-Mom’s to three boys, had a crush on Jared Leto in high school, and just happen to have a shared love for Coffee.  So, naturally, Shelly’s here to share how to… How to make the BEST iced coffee {Dolen Diaries}

Hi, I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries and I adore coffee, especially iced coffee! Today I’m sharing with you, One Krieger Chick readers, how to make the BEST iced coffee at home!

Cold Brew at Home with Toddy Brewing System {Dolen Diaries}

To start you are going to need to need 12 oz. of coarsely ground coffee beans {the stronger the better}, a Toddy Brewing System {pop on over to Dolen Diaries to see where I got mine}, and 7 cups of water.

Now let’s get brewing!

Step 1. Push the cork into the hole on the bottom.

Step 2: Dampen the filter and push that into the bottom of the Toddy container. Step 3: Pour 1 cup of water into Toddy.

Step 4: Add 6 oz. of coffee grounds to water *DO NOT STIR AT ANY POINT DURING BREWING PROCESS

Step 5: Add 3 more cups of water slowly pouring in a circular motion {this will do all the mixing it needs}

Step 6: Add the last 6 oz. of coffee grounds and wait for 5 minutes.

Step 7: Slowly pour the last 3 cups of water in a circular motion then lightly press the grounds with the back of a spoon to make sure everything gets wet.

Step 8: Let it brew for 12 – 18 hours. {I like to cover mind with a piece of plastic wrap just because it’s sitting out on my counter and I don’t want anything other than coffee in my coffee.}

make your own coffee concentrate at home {Dolen Diaries}

Step 9: Pull the cork on set on the Toddy glass decanter so the coffee concentrate can drain into the decanter. {This takes a few minutes so just leave it on your counter and go about your day.}

Now you have your cold brewed coffee concentrate ready to make the most delicious coffee drinks! Store this in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Okay, now that you have your coffee concentrate you’re ready to make the BEST iced coffee at home! Here’s what you’ll need: 1 part coffee concentrate, 2 parts water, 1 part cream. {My measurements are about 1 oz. coffee, 2 oz. water, and 1 oz. cream}, glass with ice, and a cute straw to sip through is always nice!

Make your iced coffee at home {Dolen Diaries}

Step 1. Pour the coffee concentrate over the ice.

Make the Best iced coffee at home {Dolen Diaries}

Step 2. Add the water

Best Iced Coffee {Dolen Diaries}

Step 3: Add in cream {you can use any kind of milk or cream: Ariean’s 3 ingredient coffee creamer, almond or coconut milk, etc.} I’m a coffee and cream girl but if you wanted to sweeten it up a bit you could add a splash of flavored syrup or sugar. My girlfriend uses chocolate syrup and makes a mocha! Or how about some vanilla syrup and some real caramel syrup for a caramel macchiato! The options are limitless!

Now I’m ready to start my day! There is nothing like an iced coffee in summer or if you are like me year around!

Thanks for letting me share how I make the BEST iced coffee at home with y’all today! I’d love it if you popped on over to Dolen Diaries to check out how I use all of this iced coffee energy to fuel my DIY projects & crafts as well as all the fun kid stuff I do with my boys!

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