Personalized Pillowcases…with children’s handwriting!

Hello Friends!  Do you love to craft, but hate how expensive craft supplies can be?  Well, you’re in luck today!  I’ve teamed up with 9 other bloggers to bring you… $5 Crafts I know what you’re thinking…Under $5…Yeah, right!  

Hard to believe, I know.

Kiddos can personalize their own pillowcases- so fun! Today, I’ll be showing you how to make a personalized pillowcase with a child’s own handwriting.  Not only is it under $5 to make it, but it may only take 5 minutes!  

Personalized pillowcases supplies Gather up… a pillowcase (pre-washed with no fabric softener), different colored permanent sharpies, a pencil, white paper, tape and a kiddo.  :)

This is so quick and easy…You can make it one of two ways:

 Have the child write their name on the pillowcase. This was not an option for me at this particular time, so I switched gears to plan B.  Sometimes kids just don’t cooperate, huh.


Have the child write their name on a piece of white typing paper.  Trace in black marker and enlarge to fit the space of the pillowcase.  I  copied mine at 200%. tracing on a window


tracing mame for personalized pillowcase

Hang the paper and pillowcase on the window.  I used duct tape to hold the pillowcase…my usual washi tape was just not strong enough.  Trace over the lettering onto the pillowcase.  I made my letters just a little bit thicker than the size of the Sharpie.  Although, he didn’t do the writing on the pillowcase, he did choose all the colors he wanted for his name.

Personalize children's pillowcases with their own handwriting!

All done!  Super cute…now I need to make a couple more.  The boys think these are pretty cool!

Handwriting on a pillowcase-so cute! #fivedollarcrafts

Note: I waited a couple days, washed mine in cold water the first time, and the colors did fine.  I’m sure it will fade over time, but it’s still fun!

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Happy Day!

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      onekriegerchick says

      My boys like anything with their name on it and this definitely fit their attention span that day!

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      onekriegerchick says

      Haha! I typically have to have a Plan B up my sleeve. They never seem to want to do what I want when I want. :)

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    What a good idea! I think I’d have to go the same route you did… I don’t think I’d dare let my 5-year-old take a marker to a pillow case, but paper we can do!


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