Dry Erase Storage Labels {Made to be a Momma guest post}

Happy Monday Friends!  

Hope you all had a fun weekend!  It feels like we spent almost the entire weekend in the pool…It was hot and the boys have turned into little fish.  I’m so proud of how confident my boys are in the water.  Both older boys are swimming on their own even in the deep end (which is a little scary for their Momma) and my two-year old will be swimming on his own by the end of the summer if he has anything to do with it.  He wants to be just like his big brothers!  We also went shopping for a new sofa with no luck.  It sure is a challenge to find just the piece of furniture you have pictured in your mind.  And, of course, we went to the carnival…You may have seen my comments on Facebook.  It’s one of our favorite things to do on the weekend!

Today, I’m lucky enough to have my sweet friend, Katie from Made to be a Momma here to share a fun and easy craft with you!  If you have 15 minutes, you have time for this one…Enjoy!  And make sure to stop by her blog and say HI!  She can transform an Oreo into any cute animal!

Diy Erase Storage Labels

Hi One Krieger Chick Readers!  I’m Katie from Made to be a Momma!  I am so excited to be here at Ariean’s place!  Over the past year Ariean has become one of my close friends through blogging and we even had the chance to meet this past spring at the annual Snap! Conference.   Over at Made to be a Momma I share diy tutorials, craft ideas, recipes and more!  One of my favorite ways to craft is QUICKLY! :)  These Diy Erase Storage labels are super easy and come together—you guessed it— really quickly!  Dry Erase Storage Labels Collage

I found this fun package of adhesive dry erase sheets at Walmart the other day and thought this would be a perfect way to use them!  If you can’t find them at Walmart I have seen them at the Dollar General and I’m sure they are all over the craft stores too!

1.  First, cut a rectangular piece of scrapbooking paper.

2.  Cut a rectangular piece of the dry erase sheet a bit smaller than your scrapbooking paper.

3.  Remove the paper from the back of the dry erase sheet and adhere to the scrapbooking paper.

4.  Using mini clothespins attach them to your storage baskets! 

Fabric Storage


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