Easy wall mounted frame with #ArrowFastener

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Hi Friends!  Are you ready to see another fun project I made for the boys classroom?  Of course you are!

Remember the other day, I shared how I created a Chalkboard Alphabet Wall?  Well, the wall is not only a chalkboard, but a painted magnet board!  Cool, right!  Well, my boys think so!

Alphabet Wall in our classroom I couldn’t leave it as a plain wall with no distinction between the chalkboard and magnet board.  With the help of my Awesome new #ArrowFastener tools, I was able to make a lightweight frame to hang on the wall.  The perfect distinction between chalk and magnet play.

Did you know Arrow Fastener Tools have been around since 1929.  I sure didn’t.  They have been helping empower women just like me and so many of you to create using very well made and super easy to use tools.  Trust me, if I can make this frame…so can you!

Learn how to make an easy wall mounted frame with #ArrowFasteners Are you ready?

Supplies needed: wood trim with a flat back like chair rail, Arrow Fastener hot glue gun, Arrow Fastener hot glue sticks, Arrow Fastener Staple Gun, Arrow Fastener staples 

How to make a hanging wall frame with a staple gun- easier than you think! #ArrowFastener Start by choosing your trim and cutting each corner at a 45 degree angle so they will line up.  If you want it painted or stained, this is the time I would do it.  I used a whitewash paint technique on mine.  It gives the wood a soft look without being too white.

Whitewash wood for frame

Stain vs. no stain Working one corner at a time, hot glue the corner with the Awesome Arrow Fastener glue gun.  It even has a high and low setting…no more burnt fingers for me!  Press together and hold for a minute to let the glue set.  Why did I do this?  I was working late at night by myself and needed the corner to stay together.  Worked perfectly!

Awesome glue gun from #arrowfastener

Make a simple frame with #ArrowFastener Super Easy wall mounted frame Then use the Arrow Fastener Staple Gun to staple the two boards together.  Want to know something?  I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I have never been any good with a staple gun.  I’ve had issues every time I’ve used one.  But this one was sooo easy to use and lightweight!  I was surprised and excited my staples turned out perfectly the first time!

Staple your way to an easy frame with #ArrowFastener Repeat on all four corners.

Make an easy frame with #ArrowFastener They will look like this when they are finished. A perfect corner- in place with #Arrowfastener staples. The hardest part of this project was actually hanging it on the wall…Remember I was working by myself.  Simple solution…I measured from my baseboard to where I wanted the frame to rest and placed a piece of painters tape.  This gave me an easy indicator line to rest the frame, which I totally cheated and hung with command strips.  So far, it is holding up great!

How to hang a frame by yourself with no tools! Make an easy large frame with #ArrowFastener Love how this room is coming together!  

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What would you make with #ArrowFastener Tools?




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