15 Ways to Re-purpose Children’s Artwork

Today marks the last day of kindergarten for my oldest and I am both excited and nervous.  We have our daily schedule pretty well programmed…Now to add the non-napper to the mix.  I have tons of fun activities planned, but one of his absolute  favorite things to do is create…

Speaking of…He has created so much artwork this year.  Rather than leave it all in a pile or tucked away in a box, I want to create more meaningful pieces out of his Art.  Why not turn Children’s Art into something even more unique and special…So we can enjoy it even more…

15 Ideas for Repurposing Children's Artwork I OneKriegerChick.com

15 Ways to Re-Purpose Children’s Artwork… 6a00e55246b63f883401901d31539a970b-800wi Why not let kids wear their own artwork right on their t-shirt like The Artful Parent

artwork candle2

Transfer Artwork to candles  from Come Together Kids

paper_chain_collage2 Paper Chain from Kids Art at Art Bar

Make it and Love it Turn a child’s drawing into a doll from Make it and Love it


Or a super cute potholder like this one from Crafting in the Rain


Make a one of a kind duvet cover by tracing drawings like this one from A Thousand Words

Art Shadow boxes Incorporate Art into a shadow box with other mementos from that stage in their life like this one from Pottery Barn Kids


Love this fingerpainting idea from Rachel Bishop Designs

1crayonweb Scribbles are my favorite…This shadowbox art from Elizabeth Kartchner is just darling!

Squash Blossom Babies Another fun scribble art idea from Squash Blossom Babies

6922279454_e0a00c7ba1_b Create grown-up art like this piece from Like a Musical Ride

Finished-product-600x450 Or this one from Playful Learning

thumbs_39 thumbs_11_1

Turn a years worth of drawings into a book from Plum Print that you can treasure for years…


Or a book from Paislee Press where kids can fill in the drawings…Too cool!

children's art jewelry 2

How about a piece of jewelry from The Beading Gems Journal made from your child’s art?…

What ideas do you have for preserving children’s Artwork?



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