Red, White, and Blue Dip Dyed Scarf from a T-shirt

Hey Friends!  Are you getting in the Red, White, and Blue spirit?  The #CreativeBuzz Team sure is!  This month, we were all challenged to create a project using Red, White, and Blue…perfect with Memorial Day and Fourth of July right around the corner…

So…What did I come up with?

Honestly, I thought I created a big project FAIL…

Then I tried it again a different way… 

And I realized I really liked both…even if they turned out nothing like the picture I had in my mind.

Love how that works out sometimes!

Two ways to make a dip dyed lightweight scarf I So how did I do it?  We’ll go through the steps for each scarf:

Starting with the T-shirt scarf…You’ll need:  ( not pictured: scissors) Red, White, and Blue T-shirt scarf supplies I raided my husband’s shirts for a white t-shirt and picked up a couple boxes of Rit dye at Jo-Ann’s.  

Then, I cut the shirt like so… Cutting t-shirt for scarf Leaving me with a perfect scarf-like round piece of fabric.

Then I stretched the fabric as much as I could… Stretched out t-shirt And added rubber bands to indicate where I wanted the dye to stop.  Note: Tie the rubber bands tight or you will get more bleed.  I might have learned from experience on this one.  rubber band markers for dye level Now to mix up some color…I combined 1/3 package of dye, 1/4 c. salt, 1 Tbsp. liquid laundry detergent, and 2 c. hot water.  I mixed it in a glass measuring cup- 1 per color.  Then I dipped the scarf into the cup and set the timer for an hour, stirring occasionally. dye bath After an hour, remove each piece of fabric one at a time.  Rinse under warm water, followed by cold water until water runs clear.  Make sure to do this in a sick that won’t stain. Rinsing out color It will look similar to this… Red-White-Blue-Dip-dyed-scarf-from-a-t-shirt Wash and dry fabric pieces.  I used cold wash setting and dried on low.  Don’t be upset (like I was) if the color bleeds and fades a bit after washing.  The colors did not turn out as vivid as I had hoped and the white is now more of a light grey purple.  But…I really like it’s subtle effect.

Stretch it again after drying. Wrap around your neck as desired… Red, White, and Blue dip dyed T-shirt scarf Another Scarf!?…Yep…I have another scarf to share with you!  A Tea Towel scarf

The scarf above didn’t turn out as expected, so I tried it again a little differently…using a tea towel this time. (Towel is from Target.)  I thought maybe the cotton towel would take the dye better than the shirt…Wrong.

I cut the towel in three even pieces. pieces of tea towel- ready for color Then I mixed up another small batch of dye in red and navy.

Dye bath for red and blue pieces of tea towel I submersed one piece of towel in navy and the other in red, then set the timer for 1 hour.

Then, I rinsed and washed as mentioned above. The colors are even more washed out and faded than the T-shirt scarf…

Dip dyed scarf made from a tea towel Not gonna lie- I was really disappointed and almost pulled my project from this month’s #CreativeBuzz Challenge.  But then I tried on the scarf with a white T-shirt and I kinda love it now!  

For this look, simply tie all pieces together.  You can change the look by only using two colors at a time…
Red white and blue scarf from a tea towel Ready for all of the other Amazing #CreativeBuzz projects?  Here you go…

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What do you think…Project Win or Project Fail?


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    I love this!! its SOOO cute! the t-shirt one is just lovely!! Already dreaming of making one with other dye colors ;o) Thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire… pinned!

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