SNAP! 2014 Recap…where to begin?

Oh my gosh… you guys…where to begin…

Honestly, I have been thinking about what I would share with you about SNAP! since I was on the plane home…and I never really figured it out…

I learned SOOO much… SNAP Academy 2014

MO Bloggers 2014

So much that I am still processing…

It was a blur…an Awesome blur…like I didn’t even have enough time to go around to all of the Sponsor Booths!

2014 Cricut booth

I shocked myself that I was not nervous to go and I usually have horrible anxiety about going anywhere in a crowd of people (bet you all didn’t know that)

When I got there, I immediately ran into a favorite blogger and talked to her like we were besties from way back…Me?

Then, I went to meet my roommate in a room of bloggers all having dinner and I just jumped into the conversation…like I had known them forever… 2014 SNAP Contributors Luncheon

The entire trip was like this…One New friend after the next…like I had known them for years…Take these crazy ladies…Katie and Shelly who I do Hit Me With Your Best Shot with every Tuesday.  We had never met in real life, but who would have known!Hit Me With Your Best Shot Girls (minus Abby)

And they were all so nice…so encouraging…

There was no comparing…no one knew how big your blog was or your stats…and they didn’t even care!

And there were even people who knew who I was!  Seriously…Little me…I couldn’t believe it.  

It was so amazing to be surrounded by over 500 women who got me…All these amazingly creative women in one place…If that doesn’t inspire you to do great things, I’m not sure what will… 1980s themed PJ party

But…I could go on and on about my Amazing time… SNAP 80s prom 2014

SNAP 1980s PROM 2014

You are probably all wanting a take-away…to know something new that I learned…

So, here are a few things I took away from SNAP! and plan to implement on my blog…

Be Real…Share more photos of what my house really looks like with every surface covered because I am knee deep in a project. 2014 SWAG Aftermath

Share more personal stories…Like the other day, my oldest yells in that my youngest was pooping on the floor.  My natural reaction was to scream “WHAT!?!?” and run into the bathroom.  Sure enough there was a pile on the floor, but it wasn’t poop. It was almost a full tube of my brand new self tanner…tube still in the hands of my grinning and laughing 2 year old.  You’re laughing and I am too…Now.  (wish I would have taken a photo…what kind of blogger am I?)…

Be open to opportunities and do not close doors…Door decorating contest- so funny

– Don’t worry about pageviews…Be YOU and your readers will find you and love you… Home Depot Charity Build 2014

Oh…I have so many notes from the classes I took and from the late night chats with my roomies…I never went to bed before 2 AM!  We all learned so much from each other (at least I did!) SNAP Roomies 2014

That’s another thing…Ask questions.  If you are a blogger and need help or a pick-me-up to get through a discouraging time, chat with another blogger.  We’ve all been there, trust me!  And I’ll bet we’ll be there again…

And after all that…I was happy to go home to my crazy little crew…and dive in to even more Fun projects to share!

If you ever have the opportunity to attend SNAP…Go for it!  And make sure to find me and say “Hi!”

Have an Amazing weekend Friends!




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