Create and Inspire Free Printables {Michelle Leas Designs guest post}

Hello All…Depending on when you read this, I may be on my way to the  SNAP! Creativity Conference (pinch me!)…If you have never heard of it, SNAP! is a Blogger Conference for Creative bloggers.  I attended last year and it was Awesome!  Join in the fun this year by following me on Instagram
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Ready for an extra special surprise?!
…My amazingly talented friend, Michelle from Michelle Lea Designs, is here sharing a couple Free Printables with the Creative theme in mind…Michelle designed my business cards for SNAP! this year and they are darling!  She captured my personality and blog perfectly!  Not only does she do graphic design, but she has such a fun sense of style…Pop over to her blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about!
Hello One Krieger Chick readers! I’m Michelle from Michelle Lea Designs. A Southern girl and mama who loves photography and graphic design. You can find me blogging about everything under the sun; organizing, crafting, home decorating, parenting, and the crazy adventures of our family of 5. 
I’m so happy to be sharing with you a couple of creative and inspiring prints to brighten up your creative spaces and home. I believe strongly that staying positive and being kind to those in your life can make even the most difficult situations in life a little sweeter. I also love love love little inspirational prints for my office… which have slowly started to bleed over into my house. 
I feel like this first print has become my life mantra lately and I hope that it inspires you to be creative and enjoy life!
click on the photo to download your print. 
Be sure to download from dropbox before printing… just so it’s nice and crisp.
and this next one is something that we can all be reminded of and a trait that I hope my children can truly understand as they get older. Kindness and respectfulness is oh so often overlooked in our daily lives. Sometimes, just a sweet smile or kind word can change a person’s life. 
click on the photo to download your print. 
Be sure to download from dropbox before printing… just so it’s nice and crisp.
I’ve already printed these and up on my office wall they go. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I did in making them.
Here’s to a creative and awesome week! Thank you so much for letting me stop by and share.  Please come visit me at Michelle Lea Designs and say hi!
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