Pottery Barn Inspired Burlap Monogram

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Part of my weekly routine includes scanning magazines in the pre-school pick up line.  A few months back I came across this adorable artwork in an issue of Pottery Barn Kids…Of course, I wanted one.  So cute, right!



So, Today I’ll show you how I created one very similar for less than $10! Monogram-burlap-canvas-Pottery-Barn-Kids-inspired First, You’ll need the following supplies:

– 12 in. Burlap canvas (purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale)
– Stencils (cut from my Cricut)
– pencil
– Acrylic Paint (I used True Navy)
– painters tape
– paint brushes with small tips
– ruler or straight edge of some sort (optional)

Have all your supplies?  Good. Let’s get started…

First, lay all pieces out on the canvas.  You want to make sure it all fits and that it is centered.  I always measure the width and work from the center out.  Then I make sure the distance from my art to the edge of the canvas is the same on both sides.

Confused you yet?  Don’t worry…it’ll all make sense in the zillion pictures I took for you! How to easily Stencil on burlap canvas 1. Cut out your stencils.  I used my cricut, but you could also print out the letters off of the computer.

2. Using the cut out letters as a stencil, trace the larger monogram letter and brackets on the top 1/3 to 1/2 of your canvas using a pencil.  You can see my favorite type of pencil in the picture.

3. Trace “is for” just underneath, making sure to leave at least 1-1/2 inches between lettering above and below.

4. Tape the name just underneath.  Make sure to measure and center the lettering.  

5. All done…with this step.  

Now, let’s move on to the painting step…

Using a paintbrush with a small tip, start painting in the middle and work your way out to the sides.  I outlined the images and filled in the middle.

Painting kids monogram burlap art Continue painting until all letters are filled in.  It looks like it takes a while, but it really doesn’t…

Painted kids burlap art Now, for the details…

To create the center banner, I took a piece of the cardstock used to make the stencil and used the flat edge to draw a straight line above and below the “is for.” Then, I drew the indented triangle on both sides.  If you want a perfect indent, use the corner of a piece of paper or book to trace around.

tracing center banner Using a paintbrush with a tiny tip, very carefully paint along the banner.  I know some of you are laughing at me right now saying Haha…I cannot paint that straight of a line.  My tip: Use a marker and trace the line. Sharpies come in all colors and very fine tips.

painting center banner


painted banner using a fine tipped paintbrush Last step…Using the same technique mentioned above, use a flat edge to draw a line all around the interior edge of the canvas.  Then go over it with a fine paintbrush or marker.

Trace a straight line around the edge Whew…All done!

What do you think?

Pottery-barn-kids-inspired-art-less-than-$10 And…I didn’t even make this for myself.  It was a gift for a sweet friend’s baby…I love it so much I’m going to make one for each of my boys too!

Hope your week is off to a creative start!


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      onekriegerchick says

      I thought you might! You need to make one for each of your boys. I loved how it turned out so much that I’m making one for each of mine. Hope you’re doing well…Please share recipes if you try any new family favorites! I miss your weekly menu!

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    I love this!! I’m gonna need to try this for my girls. lol I actually work for PBK and I love being able to make cheaper versions of their stuff! 😀

    • 4

      onekriegerchick says

      Haha! That’s so funny…I think a girl version will be darling. Please share pictures! Have a great week!

  2. 7


    What font and size were the Cricut cutouts? I saw this in PB kids magazine as well and want to make for our nursery and a friend!

    • 8

      onekriegerchick says

      Hi Niki! Great question! I haven’t had a chance to check…I’ll let you know as soon as I do. I’ll go ahead and add the measurements to the blog post too. I love how it turned out and want to make a couple more for myself to keep.

  3. 11


    Ariean, I had to do the same thing as Alli… come over from G+ and see this post right away! This is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely making this to put up, pinning and bookmarking!

    • 13

      onekriegerchick says

      Yay! Share a pic if you think about it! I need to make one to keep too…It turned out to be one of my favorite projects. Have a great week! ~Ariean

  4. 14


    I am so far behind with respond to this. I actually saw this in the Pottery barn catalog and was debating on attempting it myself. You did a great job with it. It really looks like the original, pretty impressed. Pinning and maybe still attempting!

    • 16

      onekriegerchick says

      Awesome…I would love to! I saw this post earlier, but didn’t realize it was a link up too…So fun!


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