make it yourself: Initial Tee

Well Friends…I had a great weekend…and I hope you did too!  I spent the majority of it crafting away…Making some major headway on my “To-Make List”…

My boys stayed the night at Nana and Papa’s and I took advantage of that time…Mr. Krieger and I grilled delicious pork chops and watched a movie…an adult movie…meaning non-kids… and the only movie I’ve seen out of all the movies nominated at the Oscars…Captain Phillips.  It was pretty intense and had me sucked in from the beginning.  I highly recommend it.  

Enough about me, though…

Are you ready to see one of the projects I worked on?


 A few weeks ago I saw a shirt like this somewhere…and I thought “I can make that!”

So…I did.  And You might too, so I’ll share how I made it…

What you’ll need:

Tee shirt of choice, fabric paint, initial stencil, stippling brush


Let’s get started…

Lay shirt out on a flat surface and insert a piece of cardboard or magazine into shirt under where you will be painting.  This will keep the paint from seeping through to the back of your shirt.


Place stencil on shirt and secure with painters tape to keep it in place.


Stipple paint onto shirt.  Go light on the paint.  Allow to dry and add additional layers of paint until you achieve the color you like.  I used three coats because I wanted a bright turquoise, but you may want a more faded look.  Customize it to your liking!




And…Here’s how I plan to wear it…

How-to-style-an-initial-Tee-Make-it-Yourself series

Layered with a  Mellow Mint Tank from Matilda Jane, a pair of my favorite Elle skinny jeans from Kohl’s, a fun turquoise belt from Target, Beaded bracelet from Beaded Beauty Boutique on etsy, a pair of teardrop earrings from OnelittleMomma on etsy, and a pair of turquoise sequined Sperry’s (I couldn’t find them for the picture)…

How would you style an Initial Tee?




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    I love this, and the way you show what you will wear it with. I always feel a bit silly when I get my son to photograph me wearing things I’ve made/refashioned, (can’t do selfies at all!) this way is much cooler/more magazine like. Would you be cross if I borrowed this idea? I’m hoping you will be flattered that you are so inspiring!

    • 8

      onekriegerchick says

      Oh my gosh…I feel the same way! I’m sure I’m not the first to style outfits this way, so please go for it! I’ll have to pop over and check them out! :)
      Have a great day!

    • 10

      onekriegerchick says

      Oh you should…So easy! Such a simple way to add personalization to a plain Tee.
      Have a great day!

    • 12

      onekriegerchick says

      Thanks so much…I always love when I can see an outfit put together too! I think a shirt like this would be adorable for a kiddo!
      Have a great week!


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