Create a Lucky Clover bouquet {15 minute craft}

Ready for another simple St. Patrick’s Day Decor idea that can be put together in 15 minutes or less?  I thought so!  How about a Lucky Clover Bouquet?

And…I’m sharing another super cute, super simple Spring Decor idea on the SNAP Creativity blog today.  It may involve a Ball jar and a whole lotta color!  

Oh…I’m not done…my friend Shelly from Dolen Diaries is sharing another “Jar” idea.  Yep, we challenged each other to come up with a craft using a Ball jar.  Hers is so fun…just like everything she does!


 Totally cute…Totally Do-able!

We can all use a little extra luck right now…right?!

Here’s How…

Supplies: Paint swatches, Shamrock/clover cookie cutter, wooden kebab skewers, scissors and tape.  Optional: Ball jar, metal lid with openings, colored pompoms, ribbon or twine

Let’s Get Started…

1. Trace around shamrock cookie cutter and cut out shamrock/clover shape. Make as many as you would like!  Kids can do this too!

Attaching shamrock to skewer

2. Tape a kebab skewer to the back of each clover. 

3. Fill jar with pompoms.

4. Add Clover “Flowers”

5. Tie an additional clover around jar.

6. Enjoy your Lucky Clover bouquet!

Rainbow vignette

Another thing that’s so great about this project is that it doesn’t have to be just for St. Patrick’s Day…It can transition right into Spring!  I Love projects that work for more than one occasion!


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Are you ready for Spring as much as I am?


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