St. Patrick’s Day Decor {in under 15 minutes!}

If you thought there’s no time for St. Patrick’s Day decorating, I have just the idea for you!  Simple, quick, your kids can help…In just minutes, you’ll have cute decorations!

Simple St. Patrick's Day Decor in under 15 minutes!

In total, it will take more than 15 minutes, but each item should take less than 15 minutes.  Plus, these are so simple, my six-year old helped me.  Perfect way to get what I needed to done and spend quality time during the little boys nap!

Shamrock Garland-

Simple Shamrock Garland

What you’ll need:  green paint swatches, shamrock cookie cutter, twine or ribbon, clothes pins and scissors

How To:

1. Trace around a cookie cutter on a paint swatch to create the shamrock shape.  Trace as many as you would like!

2. Cut out shamrock shapes.

3. Attach shamrocks to a length of twine or ribbon using clothespins.

4. Enjoy your simple garland!


Rainbow Pom Pom Garland-

Rainbow pompom garland in 15 minutes!

What you’ll need: Yarn, scissors

How To:

1. Make a bunch of PomPoms in a variety of colors (See my step by step PomPom tutorial).  My six-year old made all of mine!

2. Tie PomPoms onto a length of yarn.  I tripled mine for looks and stability.

3.  Hang and Enjoy your Fun PomPom Garland!


Note: I use clear tape or washi tape to hang my light weight garlands.  They are not hanging very long, so I haven’t had problems with the tape peeling paint or ruining any surface.


Come back tomorrow to see the rest of my Quick and Simple St. Patrick’s Day Decor!


Do you decorate for all holidays or seasonally?



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      onekriegerchick says

      Thanks so much…Have to keep it simple these days! Plus, my boys love to help!
      Have a Happy Day!

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