Make Your Own Decorative Covered Books

Hello Friends!  Whew…that weekend flew by!  Not much time for crafting…I’m sure many of you are in the same boat.  Today, I’m sharing how you can create your own Decorative Covered Books to coordinate with the decor of your home…

How to Make Decorative Covered books in 15 minutes or less! Use seasonal book all year long!

Even better…Each book cover takes about 5 minutes to create!  No joke!


How’s that for squeezing in some crafting time!


So…I love using books in my decorating, but I do not have very many books that are appealing to the eye all year round.  I DO have a bunch of hardbound Christmas Idea books.  Now, I can use them all year in my decor…

What you need:

  • Hardbound books to cover (must fit in a 12 in scrapbook paper with 1/2 inch on each side.)
  • Scrapbook papers of your choice. (2 full sheets, 1 partial sheet per book)
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors

supplies needed


Now to get going…Lots of step by step photos, but I promise it’ll go super fast!

PicMonkey Create your own covered books...So Simple...Ill show you how!

 1. Lay the front or back of the book down on a piece of 12 in. paper.  There should be an over-hang on all sides.  Fold each side over the book.  Use your fingers or a bone folder to set the creases.

2. The corners…You can do the corners two ways- fold the sides in, then fold the top down as seen in #4. Secure with glue.  OR fold the corners as seen in #2.

3. Fold end back in.  Secure with adhesive. 

4. Repeat steps 1-4 for each book front or back.

5. Cut a strip of coordinating paper for the spine of your book.  I cut mine at 4 inches.  Adhere to the back of the book, wrap around and adhere to the front of the book as seen in #5 & 6.

6. Open cover and adhere cover to side tabs as seen in #7.

7. Cut small slits as seen in #8 to allow book spine to fit.

8. Slide a book or few into your new covers and have fun deciding which patterns to display first.


This is a really great way to use seasonal books in your decorating all year as well as always having books that coordinate with your decor.  I purposely chose mix and match patterns so I could flip them over and have a completely different look.

  Decorative covered books


Coordinate any book to your decor in 15 minutes or less!



Happy Crafting!






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