Pom-Pom bookmarks {inspired by Dr.Seuss}

Today, I’m sharing a fun, easy and quick…think under 15 minutes…craft…


Dr. Seuss Inspired Pom Pom Bookmarks

POM-POM-bookmark-15-minute-craft My kids loved these!

When brainstorming a Dr. Seuss Inspired Craft for this month’s Craft Lightning Challenge, I came up with the idea to create poufy pom pom bookmarks…kind of like the trees in The Lorax or the fluffy hair-dos in many Dr. Seuss books…

Dr. Seuss-pom-pom



Plus…Pom poms really are so stinkin’ Fun!


Anyhoo…We only have 15 minutes, so let’s get started!


Grab some yarn and scissors…


Now, follow these steps to make a pom pom…then make one more…You’ll need two.


1. Wrap yarn around your fingers or a piece of cardstock about 50 times and gently slide off of form.

2. Cut a piece of yarn and lay wrapped yarn on top of it.

3. Tightly tie piece of yarn around wrapped yarn.  Make sure to knot a couple times.

4. Cut yarn loops on both sides.


Now, Decide if you want messy or shaped Pom Poms…


I went with messy because a) Dr. Seuss is not predictable and b) we only have 15 minutes to make these!  (Leave the trimming till the end, though…You’ll see why!)


Now…We have to connect the Pom- oms…Decide whether you want a braided or knotted connector.  (Braided takes longer to make, but the choice is up to you!)


Measure three lengths of yarn twice as long as your book and add a couple extra inches.  Braid the three strands or knot the strands together, making sure to leave a knot at both ends.


Locate the pieces of yarn you used to tie the pom-pom together.  Use these two pieces to tie the braided or knotted strand to the pom pom.  Make sure to tie just above the knot, so it does not slide out.  If you use any other strands from the pom pom, they will just pull out of the Pom. 


Whew…Done…quick crafting today…


Wrap around a favorite book and…Happy Reading!  


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      onekriegerchick says

      Thanks! My boys are LOVING them…I’ve had to make another set already. Kids stuff is so much fun to create!



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