Our Dining Room…from the beginning

Hello Friends…Happy Valentines Day!


One of my blog goals this year was to open up more…share more about “ME.”


One thing you may not know is that I have always had a heart for Interior Design…ever since I was a little girl.  When my sisters and I received a three-piece Barbie house (so we could each play with a section), I took over the entire house…because my sisters didn’t know how to decorate it right.  When I was twelve, I saved up my babysitting money to buy a Dollhouse kit and built the entire kit by myself…all four feet of it!  Why would I have chosen one of the small dollhouses?!  While living in my parents home, I bet I changed the decor in my bedroom yearly and moved my bedroom to every possible room that could be used as a bedroom.   My favorite class in High School was Interior Design.  I went to College intending to Major in Interior Design and ended up with a degree in Education…teaching…you guessed it…Interior Design.  Before children, I changed my home decor seasonally (furniture included!)


So…You’ve probably gathered that Interior Design is my thing.


You would think when we found out I was pregnant with Baby#3…decided our small old Farmhouse wasn’t going to work for a family of five, since we were already overflowing out of it…found a foreclosure in need of some work at a great price on just the amount of land we were wanting…I would have been elated and brimming with ideas for the remodel…


I wasn’t.


We looked at this house and I drew a blank.  


I saw seven months pregnant me trying to sell a house and remodel a house…It just looked like work.

The Krieger Chick during Home reno

And I haven’t even shown you the house!


Let’s start with the Dining Room…It was the “best” room in the house, afterall!

Dining Room Before

Gorgeous, right…And you can even see a sliver of the kitchen which was a beaut as well.

Dining Room Hutch Before

Since I had NO intention to live in a box of mustard, we made a few changes to this room…

Dining Room in progress- French Doors

Like tearing out walls and adding a beautiful French Door…And we might have made a few changes to the kitchen too.

Making progress-dining room

And opened up the wall to the basement stairs…

Dining Room- making progress

I didn’t start blogging until a year after our remodel…otherwise, I would have shared our trials and errors!

Dining Room with Paint

Dining Room trim work coming along


And here’s where the reveal stops today…Big change from the lovely mustard box, huh?  I love looking back at these photos and remembering the process.  I made a lot of decisions in a very short amount of time.  Most of which I am still in love with today,


Why share this room? The Dining Room is the room I’m currently working on.  I’m trying to make it more us.  Informal, relaxed, a place you could have a cup of coffee and watch the deer in the backyard or create masterpieces with the boys.  I thought it would be fun for you to see what we started with and how far the room has come along.


Next week, I’ll be sharing the Big progress I made in a very small space…It’s turning out better than I envisioned.


Have you completed a remodel?  Love to hear your stories!



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