Life at the Krieger House…keepin’ it real

Hello Friends…I’m still here!

Snowy yard

I have loads of really cool stuff to share with all of you, but the Snow happened. 

Another snowy day

  I know it happened to a lot of you too.  It started snowing last week and then it was freezing cold and before I knew it I was at home with three boys for an entire week with no where to go because I couldn’t have made it out of my driveway if I had tried.  Phew…long sentence…long week.  I didn’t get much blogging done.

Yet another snowy day

So, instead of blogging…

This happened…lots of yummy food we never usually eat…

fried donuts-treat!

and this…lots of creativity…

Playing with Magnatiles


Coloring on the windows

and this…lots of messes around every corner…I couldn’t leave the room for a minute!

mess #3

mess #1

And my favorite…baby powder…at least the house smelled good!

mess #2

Don’t worry…there were more moments that didn’t get captured in a photo…


like my two-year-old learned how to take his diaper off, so we started potty training.  And he may have had an accident on the floor, but sure does love getting an M&M for going potty!


And I still made it out to take of my chickens even though the door was covered…

Snow blocking door

And you’ll never believe that after seven days of all of this fun, my in-laws called and asked if the boys could come spend the night to get out of the house…


Yes, please…


And finally, it was back to school today…back to routine…and naptime.


And no snow in the forecast for an entire week!  Now, waiting for a high above freezing…


Seriously, though…It was a fun week…It was nice to relax with the boys and not feel like we were rushing…Do whatever they wanted to do…and make memories.


Hope you’re all staying warm…






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    I’m in South Carolina and we are getting ready for our second winter storm in less than a month. Typically we get “real” winter weather every four years so all this ice/snow should be interesting. I’m planning on entertaining my 3 by watching every movie we own and feeding them lots of treats. Those fried doughnuts look yummy!

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