Hearts & Arrows garland…the mantle details

It’s finally Friday!  This has been a long week at the Krieger house.  10 inches of snow and below zero temps have kept us inside most of the week and today marks our fourth snowday out of school…Yes, you read that correctly, Fourth day!  It’s been quite the challenge to keep three little boys entertained when all they want to do is go outside.  But, we’re surviving and having loads of quality time together…We’ve read lots of stories and played school and baked and ate and ate and ate…built forts and dressed up…and ate…I’ve spent much of my time in the kitchen!  It’s actually been fun, but come Monday…I’ll be ready to shoo those little buggers off to school!


Today, I’m going to share the details of my Valentines Mantle


I already share how I made the Wooden Arrows from paint sticks and the Pottery Barn Inspired Cross My {Yarn} Heart.


The branches were spray painted for my Glittered Snowflake Tree and luckily I saved them,  I simply set them inside clear glass jars. You know I love book pages and seem to be sneaking them in as many projects as I can…They are the perfect filler for the glass jars.  I just rolled two book pages and set them in each jar.  Easy, right?  And they have an interesting look that can easily be removed.  Or left alone and worked into Spring decor.


I wanted to keep it neutral, but couldn’t find my white doily hearts…A little pop of red was just what the mantle needed.  Here’s how I made the simple Hearts and Arrows Garland




What you’ll need:

  • doily hearts
  • book pages
  • bakers twine
  • scissors
  • glue stick

The basic steps:

1. String hearts onto the bakers twine.

2. Make Arrows out of book pages. (See tutorial below)

3. Attach Arrows to back of doily hearts.

4. Hang and admire the cuteness!


How to make the arrows:

1. Cut thin strips of book pages- a little wider than 1/4 inch, but this is personal preference.

2. Set aside one full length strip per heart.  Using the other 1/4 inch strips, cut into approximately 1 inch strips, 6 per arrow.  If you like the look of the hearts on the arrows, cut a few small hearts too.

3. Glue two small strips in a point on one end of a long strip. Trim to a point.  Do this for each arrow.

4. The wings of the arrow or the fletching: I glued two small strips in an “X” pattern on half the arrows, then trimmed into points.  For the hearts, I just cut small hearts and glued them on.



step 6

Depending on the size of the doily hearts, the arrows may have to be cut in half before adhering to the back of the hearts.  I cut mine so the arrow would show more.

That’s it!  A fun, easy garland…Even kiddos could help!



Do you decorate for Valentines?




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