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Hello Friends and Happy Monday!  


Hope you all had a great weekend…Mine was a blur (as they usually are!) but so much fun!  Saturday, I spent the entire day at a scrapbooking retreat trying to document all of our memories…I got a lot done, but I’m far from caught up.  My kids just do too many cute things!  The boys stayed the night at my in-laws, so I was able to get some crafting done Sunday too.  Have I ever mentioned I have the BEST in-laws?!


Today, I’m excited to share a super cute, super easy and festive Valentines Day shirt…


It never fails.  A holiday comes around and I don’t have anything festive to wear.  Halloween- I had to borrow a shirt from my sister.  Christmas- realized I only have one red shirt (seriously?) and not even a red scarf!  Valentines…I could wear the same red shirt from Christmas…Ugh.  Looking ahead to St. Patrick’s Day…I may have a green shirt…Whew!


So, I was not going to be the only mom at the Valentine’s parties without a festive shirt!


Here’s how I created my own…


T-shirt with a pocket (mine is from Target on sale last week for $6.48)


foam stickies

fabric paint


parchment or wax paper


First, trace the pocket onto the parchment paper and cut out.  This will keep the paint from getting on the rest of the shirt.


Now, Let’s make some homemade stampers!  I raided the boys block bin and found some long thin blocks.  Then, I peeled the backing off of a foam heart and adhered it to the end of the block.  Voila!  Instant stampers!


Apply a little fabric paint onto the foam heart.  Why did I not just press the foam heart into the paint?  You can try this, but I was afraid it would get all over the edges of the heart.  Then when I stamp it, it would look like a blob rather than a heart.


Randomly stamp the heart onto the pocket.  I stamped three large hearts and filled in the rest of the space with small hearts, allowing some of the hearts to go off of the edge.  This is where the parchment paper cut-out comes in handy!




Allow to dry and enjoy your cute festive new shirt!


FYI…It is next to impossible to take a picture of yourself if you are right handed and the item you are trying to photograph is on the left side…Hence the odd angle of the photo.  I didn’t have any helpers!


Do you try to dress festively for the holidays?


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