2014 Word of the Year

Hello Friends!

Do you have a Word?  A Word that describes you or gives meaning to the direction you want your life to take…I know so many of you do!  I have seen many of them and love the quotes and personal meanings behind why the word is meaningful to you.


Word of the Year…

I was introduced to this idea a couple years ago and loved it.  The past couple years, I chose words that summarized how I wanted to live my life.


Last year I chose “Pause”…Pause and look around at what is really important, Pause and quit rushing…the boys are growing up too fast, Pause and remember.


It was nice to have a constant reminder of what is most important.


This year, I chose “Breathe.”  Although, I still need to remember to “Pause.”


I need the reminder to calm down…the house will eventually be clean…


To take a deep breath…the boys are practicing their Independence because that is how I want them to be raised…So what if they wear the same two pair of pants over and over because those are the only two pairs they like….


Let the boys help…Even if they don’t do it the way I like or if they take f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  Or if they make a Huge mess in the process.  I’ll just take a deep breath again. And clean it up later.


Take life a day at a time…Try not to get overwhelmed…


Not everything on the To-Do list is going to get done and that is Okay….


I need to hear the word “Breathe” often…I need to see it too.  I am easily overwhelmed and Always think I can accomplish more than I ever really can. (No one ever told me any single task takes 10 times longer with children.)


Sometimes it is a challenge to balance it all, but I am going to remember to “Breathe”…


“Pause” and “Breathe”…They kind of go hand in hand.


In order to help me focus on my word, I created these simple kitchen towels…Why towels?  Because they hang everyday in the room I spend the majority of my time…the Kitchen.  I will see them daily and be reminded to Pause and Breathe.  (Plus, they turned out so stinking cute!)

  Word of the Year No-Sew Kitchen Towels

How I made them…

I purchased white tea towels at Target and washed and ironed them.  Then, using my Cricut, I cut the words out of iron-on vinyl and ironed them right on.  If you do not have a cutting machine, iron on letters in cute fonts are readily available in craft stores.

Folding an odd shape tea towel

 Of course, I couldn’t leave them like that…Because I have an issue with keeping things simple.  

Supplies for Word of the Year towel

So, I added some ball fringe and bright ric-rac.  These can be sewn on or glued using fabric glue.  Mine are for decoration only, so I glued them.  If I was planning to use the towels frequently, I would sew them.  

Word of the Year kitchen towels


DIY No-Sew Word of the Year Kitchen towels

The perfect daily reminder to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n….pause & breathe…


What’s Your Word?





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      onekriegerchick says

      Thank you so much…I need to have a visual reminder to stay focused! :) Thanks for the invite to your party…I just linked up!

      Have a Happy Week!

    • 4

      onekriegerchick says

      I am loving them…Just wish I could convince the rest of my family that they are just for decoration! So glad you stopped by! :)

  1. 9


    Your towels are adorable! My word is Steadfast. I’ve been thinking of a way to uniquely put it in a frame so I can see it all the time too! Popped by from Anything Blue Friday.
    Blesings, Diane

    • 10

      onekriegerchick says

      Oh…Awesome word! I’d love to see how you display yours. It’s just nice to have a daily reminder to focus on. So glad you stopped by!


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    Carrie From Carrie This Home says

    I may have to steal your words because I can totally relate to all your examples! I need to let my kids learn things on their own but they take forever! It’s so hard for me to step away and just let them do it. Seriously–this was a breath of fresh air!
    I love this post and it spoke to me so much that I’m going to feature it in our next Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop! Thanks so much for sharing this with our readers!

    • 12

      onekriegerchick says

      Feel free to adopt my words! I may use the same words until my kids are much older! :) Yay…Super excited for the feature, Carrie! Thank you so much!

      Have a Happy Weekend!

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    These are ADORABLE!!! I’m so excited to make some! And what a great reminder! Love them. Just found you and your darling blog . . . so glad I did! Looking forward to browsing and seeing what you have for us in the future! And you have a gorgeous family! Enjoy . . . they grow up so fast! Have a great weekend . . .

    • 14

      onekriegerchick says

      Oh you are so sweet! Thank you so much for all of your kind words…I am so happy you stopped by!

      Hope you have a great weekend too!

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    Laura Lee says

    I love your idea! Super cute towels and I love pompoms!! My word last year was JOY. This year it is ALL. Not a very attractive word but it holds a special meaning for me! : ) I enjoy using watercolor pencils so you’ve inspired me to create a piece of framed artwork with my “Inspirational Word of the Year”!!

    • 16

      onekriegerchick says

      Oh Laura Lee, you always make me smile! I would love to see your watercolor Art when you’re finished…I’m sure I’ll want you to make one for me too! You do such beautiful work! :)
      Have a Happy Week!

    • 18

      onekriegerchick says

      Thanks so much…I feel like I live in the kitchen…Might as well surround myself with things I love! Have a great weekend!


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