30 Days of Thankful: Day 29

Hello Friends!

Today I am Thankful For…

This is my most difficult Thankful post to write…probably the reason I waited until almost the last day of the month to write it.

  Thankful for sisters

I am so very Thankful for the sixteen years I was able to be the oldest of three sisters instead of two.


It doesn’t seem like it has been seventeen years since she was taken from our family.


I can still vividly see her smile and the way her long blonde hair swished when she walked…

  Thankful for Stephanie

I still remember what she was wearing the day I drove her to school and never saw her again…


I miss my sister, Stephanie, everyday and wish my boys could know her…

  Thankful for Stephanie 2


She was such a beautiful young woman…and that smile…


But…I am also more than Grateful for the time I was given with her so I could have so many memories…

Thankful for my sisters

I am Thankful to know she is in God’s hands now and I will one day see her again…

Thankful for Stephanie 3


What are you Thankful for Today?


Happy Day!



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    Cynthia Thornquist says

    I lost my baby brother 17 years ago…your words really hit home… thanks for your heartfelt message of thanks..!

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