30 Days of Thankful: Days 11-18

Hello Friends!

You may have noticed I haven’t been Thankful in a while.  That is not entirely true…I am Thankful ALL the time, but I haven’t been feeling that great the past few days.  I kept accidentally falling asleep when I put the boys to bed.  Therefore, I didn’t get much blogging in last week.

Luckily, I am feeling much better and am playing catch-up today!


Day 11:

I am Thankful for those who have and are currently serving our country.

Both of my grandfathers served in WWII and were lucky to come home.  My father dodged going to Vietnam with a lucky draft ticket.

I pray if my boys ever serve our country, it is by choice.


Day 12:

Today I am Thankful for mini-family getaways.  This weekend, we spent the night at Great Wolf Lodge and had some much needed family time.

thankful for time together

You see, my husband is the hardest working man I know and rarely takes a day off.

We had so much fun and the boys loved it!  They could hardly sleep the night before we left!

thankful for time away

Every once in a while, it is just nice to do something unexpected…


Day 13

Today I am Thankful for a clean house…


It doesn’t happen very often, but it sure is a nice feeling to walk through the house and have clean surfaces…

thankful for clean tables

Toys in their places…

thankful for lines in the carpet

Laundry folded and put away…

I truly enjoy my family and have learned to Embrace the Mess…

We LIVE here, after all…

But, sometimes it’s just nice to have it all put away…


Day 14

Today I am Thankful for these ladies… Real Mom Style I Book Club {Onekriegerchick.com}

Some I have known longer than my husband…

My Book Club…

We have been together Eleven years!

And I am sure we will be together for Eleven more!

When we started, only one of us was married…Now, only one of us is not married…

We’ve been to each others weddings and celebrated the births of many babies…

Each month, we travel up to an hour to spend the evening together…

We may read the book, we may not…

But, we always catch up right where we left off…

I truly feel blessed to be able to call each one of these beautiful women my friend…


Day 15

Today I am Thankful for modern conveniences like the automatic washing machine and dishwasher.

Both are a huge blessing…Could I survive without them…YES.

Would I choose to…NO!


Day 16

Today I am Thankful for the friendships my boys are developing.

We spent the morning at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with some really amazing kiddos who have wonderful parents standing behind them.

I only hope my boys continue to choose their friendships wisely and stay surrounded by positive influences.


Day 17

Today I am Thankful my husband and older boys were able to spend the day together.

This is one of the blessings of the Winter months…My husband’s business slows down enough that he can spend more time at home and with the boys.

daddy and boys

The boys look up to him so much.

I am proud they have such a strong father figure to look up to.


Day 18

Today I am Thankful for all of the connections I have made through blogging.

When I started blogging a year ago,  I never would have guessed how much I would enjoy it.

I had no idea how connected I would feel to other bloggers.  How many of them would become my friends, although I have never met them in real-life and we live hundreds of miles away.

I am even more excited to attend blog conferences now…It’s like Summer Camp as a kid…Where you only see certain friends once a year.

I’ve already been making my plans for SNAP!…And it’s not until April!


So many things to be Thankful for…It’s already the 18th!  I have more than 12 Thankfuls left!  I may not share them all with you this month, but be sure…you’ll hear about them another time.


What are you Thankful for today?


Happy Day!



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