Feature Friday {Carrie this Home} & SYTYC Results

 Happy Friday!

Yay! Thanks to all of your fabulous support, I made it through to another round in the So You Think You’re Crafty Competition!

Ready for me to reveal my So You Think You’re Crafty {Pumpkin} Project and share the results of the Competition this week…

Did you guess this was mine?

Pumpkin quilt block candelabra {1}

So I wasn’t  #1, but I was only separated from #1 by One Vote!!  For the results of how we were ranked from 1-4, head over to So You Think You’re Crafty. My project is turned in for next week, so I hope you’ll all come back and VOTE for your favorite Projects!


Now on to Feature Friday!

Today, I would like to Welcome Carrie from Carrie This Home…Carrie and I started blogging at about the same time and were both nominated for the Liebster Award by a fellow blogger.  Carrie has a huge heart, is a gracious mother and always wears a smile.  Just head over to her blog and see for yourself!

How to get the wainscoting look for less than 20 dollars!

I’m Carrie from Carrie This Home and I’m so excited to be guest posting on One Krieger Chick!

Carrie This Home

I’m a wife and mommy who doesn’t have it all together.  A little bit of coffee and a lot of Jesus gets me through the day!  I love blogging about DIY projects, sharing ideas to make life easier, and easy recipes {since I’m a self-proclaimed lazy cook} .


Speaking of DIY projects, today I’ll be sharing a DIY idea I’ve been super excited to share with you!

So, on with the project!

Wainscoting wallpaper on the end of cabinet

I LOVE the look of wainscoting.  Installing wainscoting on the end of a boring builder grade cabinet quickly gives an upgraded look.

This summer, The Hubby and I painted our kitchen cabinets white.  We wanted our builder grade cabinets to look more customized, so we planned on installing traditional wainscoting on the cabinet ends.


The Problems:

After the hubby researched wainscoting, we discovered a couple problems:

  • Wainscoting is expensive
  • The cuts have to be perfect
  • There is not a lot of room for error

By this point in our cabinet makeover, we were both tired and ready to be done with it.  That’s not a good place to be in when perfection is expected.


The Solution:

The next time The Hubby went to the home improvement store, he came home with a GENIUS idea.

He found some beadboard paintable wallpaper.  It gives the same look as real wainscoting but it’s MUCH less expensive & a lot easier to work with.

A whole roll of beadboard wall paper covers up to 56 feet and it costs less than $20.00!

We decided to use the beadboard paintable wallpaper instead of traditional wainscoting.


We weren’t sure how this would turn out.  We agreed to try it &  if it didn’t work we’d bite the bullet and buy the real stuff.

The good news is it DID work and the results were awesome!

Use wainscoting wallpaper on cabinet ends for an upgraded look on the cheap!

We love how it looks on our freshly painted cabinets.  It adds a touch of character and personality to an otherwise boring cabinet end.

Our family and friends were pretty impressed with the results, too.   Most people look at it and think it’s the real stuff.

The one downfall is that the texture of the wallpaper is a little soft.  We have two little ones that love to run all around our kitchen and they’ve both left little “dents” in the wallpaper.  They’re not too noticeable so we’re okay with that.

If you have a project involving wainscoting, this may be a great solution for you!


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