Feature Friday {Dolen Diaries} & SYTYC results

Happy Friday!


Yay! Thanks to all of your fabulous support, I made it through to another round in the So You Think You’re Crafty Competition!

Ready for me to reveal my So You Think You’re Crafty {Fall Crafts for Kids} Project and share the results of the Competition this week…

Did you guess this was mine?

Halloween Candy Dispensers {1}

Not to toot my own horn, but I was #1!!  For the results of how we were ranked from 1-5, head over to So You Think You’re Crafty. My project is turned in for next week, so I hope you’ll all come back and VOTE for your favorite Projects!


Now on to Feature Friday!

I know…It’s Saturday and this is a day late.  That’s just how this week was…I couldn’t do it all.

In case you missed Feature Friday last week,   I’m having a hard time keeping up with it everything these days.   So…For the next few weeks, while I am busy with the So You Think You’re Crafty Competition, I have invited some of my favorite fellow bloggers to come share a guest post!

Fun, right!  You will Adore them all!

Welcome Shelly from Dolen Diaries!  Honestly, I cannot remember how Shelly and I first met, but we quickly became friends and now chat almost daily!  She is an Awesome Momma and has super-fun kids ideas you are all sure to love as much as I do!


Hello OneKriegerChick readers! I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries where I share a little of this & that….DIY projects, kids crafts, cooking, & life lessons learned. I’m SO excited to be here for Ariean today! Ariean and I both have three crazy, fun boys so we both are always looking for ways to tackle life in creative ways! I’m going to share a super easy way to chronicle your everyday life that even the busiest mama can do!

I’m not a scrapbooker or a journal writer. I’m horrible at making even digital photo albums! Seriously a family year book has been on my to do list FOREVER and I still haven’t done it. I really wanted to find a way to chronicle our everyday life as a family that wouldn’t honestly take a whole lot of effort and time. I tried the picture a day thing on my phone but then I’d forget to take a picture one day and feel like a loser because I missed a day so then the day would turn into a week, then a month, etc. Then there was the question of what would I do with all the pictures anyways since I’m horrible at making photo albums.

One thing I do almost everyday is make a to do list. I love making lists! Something about writing the list and then crossing things off just makes my heart sing. Why not combine my love of lists and desire to chronicle our life!?! Brilliant! I saw an idea on Pinterest where you cut note cards in 1/2 and store them in a berry basket. Cute, but then my wheels got to turning…

Daily Journal Calendar Cards

I ordered these amazing old school library cards online and stamped each one with a month and a day. How fabulous are these!?!

Did I mention that I was a school teacher!?! Anything school supply-ish makes me drool!

I picked up the wire basket from the dollar section at Target. Cute, huh!?! I actually had originally bought a small ceramic berry basket from Anthropology to keep the cards in, but the library cards were way too thick to fit. I think even the large one would have been too small as well if you were thinking of going that route.

 Everyday or even every couple of days I take a minute and write a quick note about what happened each day. For example “Gray’s 1st day of 6th / Ash’s 1st soccer game ” was one day and “Laundry and cleaned refrigerator out” was another. Not everyday is glamorous but that’s life and I think we’ll really enjoy looking back at what we did on that exact day over the years.

Thanks for letting me share my Daily Journal Calendar Cards! I’d love it if you all would pop by Dolen Diaries  to check out my latest creations and projects!


Fun idea, huh!  Thanks Shelly for sharing!  Here are a couple of my favorite projects recently on Dolen Diaries

Halloween Clipboard Countdown

{Clipboard Countdown}

       Halloween wands...Fun kids craft!

{Halloween Wands}


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