{Just for Kids} Command Center…part two

Happy Day Friends!

I’m back with Part Two of my Command Center. Here’s Part One…Just in case you missed it!

Just for Kids Command Center {Onekriegerchick.com}

Did you notice that the in/out boxes in my Command Center are made using cereal boxes?  I’m not kidding!  I cut them down and covered them with a drop cloth.  And…Now I’m going to show you how you can make your own too!

drop cloth covered cereal box...great idea! {Onekriegerchick.com}

Go grab your cereal box, a glue gun, a few glue sticks and your fabric of choice…Yep…That’s all you need!

**Warning…There are a lot of pictures!  I documented each step!

Cereal box to drop box steps 1-4 {Onekriegerchick.com}

Step 1: Find/Purchase a large cereal box.  I watched for them to go on sale for $1.47 and purchased two.

Step 2: Mark off a cutting line on the sides of the box. This is what makes the front of your box lower than the back.

Step 3: Cut only the side, leaving the front flap.

Step 4: Fold the front flap into the inside of the box.  This will give the box added sturdiness.

cereal box to drop box steps 5-8 {Onekriegerchick.com}

Step 5: Cut an extra piece of cardboard the size of the back of the box.  Slide it into place.  This will give the box added sturdiness.

Steps 6, 7 & 8:  Add a heavy duty tape as reinforcement anywhere you think it’s needed.  I used white Gorilla tape because that’s what I had on hand.

cereal box to drop box steps 9-14 {Onekriegerchick.com}

Now to cover the box…

Step 9:  Cut two strips of fabric to cover the front and back.  Lay the box on the fabric and cut a strip long enough to extend from the bottom back of the box and fold inside.  I cut mine so it would extend to almost the bottom of the inside of the box.  Then cut a strip to cover from the underside back and wrap around the front and fold inside.  make sure to leave about a half inch overhang on all sides to create a finished look on the edges.

Steps 10 & 11:  Glue starting from the bottom back and wrap around to the inside.  Glue as far as the glue gun will reach on the inside.  I used the glue liberally…I want it to stay in place!

Step 12: Fold the sides in to create a smooth edge.  If needed, trim some of the excess fabric.  It will be covered again later.

Step 13 & 14: What the finished edges should look like.

cereal box to drop box steps 15-16 {Onekriegerchick.com}

Step 15: To cover the front of the box, begin at the bottom unfinished edge.  Hot glue the bottom.

Step 16: Continue gluing up the front of the box and wrap around to the inside.  Glue as far as the glue gun will reach on the inside.

cereal box to dropbox step 17 {Onekriegerchick.com}

Step 17:  Create a finished edge on the sides by tucking in the overhang from the front and back and gluing in place.  Now to cover the sides…Start by cutting two pieces of fabric; one for each side. Leave about a half inch on each side.  Working with one side at a time, glue the middle all the way down on one side.  This leaves room for tucking in your edge.

cereal box to drop box steps 18-21 {Onekriegerchick.com}

Steps 18 & 19: Once middle is glued in place, fold under excess fabric on sides and glue into place.

Step 20: Trim excess fabric at the top and fold in to the inside.  Glue into place.

Step 21: Yay…It’s Finished!  Doesn’t resemble a cereal box anymore, huh!

Just For Kids Command Center {2}

Whew!  I know that was a lot!  It really is not very difficult, but I wanted to make sure you had a visual of how I did each step.  I think these would be Awesome in a color…The possibilities are endless with fabric!  Just use something you have on hand.

Add a fun folder {or two or three} to organize all the papers.  I had no idea how many papers come home from kindergarten!

A clip on the front is a great way to keep the important papers in sight!  I’ve been clipping the class newsletter here so I don’t forget what day is PE, etc.

If you create your own cereal box drop box, please share the picture with me!

Happy Creating!

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    kerisnyder2014 says

    Love this! I was looking for an idea for creating something like this for my son as he starts school this fall. Love how you used the cereal box. So creative- thanks!

    • 2

      onekriegerchick says

      Thanks so much…It is working out great and is so much fun in our mudroom.
      Have a great week!

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