DIY Clipboard Pedestal {a Poppy Seed project}

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Happy Friday!  I shared this DIY Clipboard pedestal over at Poppy Seed Projects a couple weeks ago.  Just in case you missed it over there, I’m sharing it again today!  If you have not visited Poppy Seed and looked around, grab a drink and head over there {as soon as you read this, of course}…I am in love with their products and fabulous ideas!

It’s back to school time at our house and with back to school comes a multitude of other after-school and evening activities.  Not sure about you, but I have a hard time keeping track of it all.  Therefore, I have been trying to come up with ideas to make life easier (and more organized!)

Today, I would like to share a fun way to post your Dry Erase Weekly Menu/Planner

Clipboard Pedestal with Poppy Seed Projects Eleanor plaque I

I was fortunate enough to meet Holly in a class at SNAP and received one of these darling Dry Erase Weekly Menu/Planner as part of my SWAG.  It has been magnetized to the side of my fridge for months, but it is way too cute to be on the side of a fridge!  Why not post a Weekly Menu on a fun clipboard pedestal!

Here’s How I did it…

Poppy Seed supplies for chevron plaque {}

Supplies needed:

Poppy Seed Projects Dry Erase Weekly Menu/Planner

Poppy Seed Projects Eleanor plaque

Poppy Seed Projects Texturizing cream

Poppy Seed Projects Chevron reusable stencil

Cream spray paint

navy acrylic paint

stippling brush

painters tape

bullnose clip

glue gun

pedestal or newel post (if desired)


Whew…That seems like a lot, but it won’t when we get started!  Start by applying the texturizing cream to the plaque.  Find Holly’s easy to follow video tutorial {Here}.

Then, spray the plaque with cream spray paint (or color of your choice).  It took a couple coats to get the coverage I desired.  I advise painting both sides.

When it is dry, lay the stencil on top and center with the points on the top and bottom of the plaque.  Tape the stencil onto the plaque to keep it from moving.

lining up chevron stencil {}

Now it’s time to paint…I chose to do a technique called stippling because I did not want the lines to look perfect.  Get a little paint on your brush, then dab it off.  Gently pat your brush at an upright angle…Brush should only touch project with the flat part of the brush, not the side.  Otherwise, the bristles will sneak under the stencil.  You will want to hold onto the stencil while applying the paint  to keep it from shifting.  Once you have applied paint to the available area, relocate the tape to another spot.  Then finish painting the empty spaces.  It took three coats to achieve the look I was going for.

Stippling technique I Onekriegerchick


Removing tape for stencil {}

Allow the paint to dry and (if desired) sand the edges and give the stenciled area a light sanding.  This will just give it a more distressed look, which I love!

Lay the Dry Erase Weekly Menu/Planner down on the plaque and mark where you would like the bull-nose clip to be.  Attach the clip with hot glue or you may want to nail it on.

Chevron stenciled Poppy Seed Projects Eleanor plaque {}

Then attach your plaque to a post or add hardware to hang on a wall.

Menu Pedestal I Poppy Seed Projects Eleanor plaque I

Now, you have a fun, pretty and practical way to view your Dry Erase Weekly Menu/Planner!  I keep ours on our kitchen island…It’s so nice to know what’s for dinner at a glance.

DIY Clipboard Pedestal I Poppy Seed Projects I

Bonus!  The Dry Erase Weekly Menu/Planner is two sided! Check out the back…A weekly planner!

Pedestal clipboard I Poppy Seed Projects I

Another way I have been using this clipboard is to post important things I want the boys to see all the time.  My oldest just started kindergarten and has reading words each week, so I have been clipping up a piece of paper with his “words of the week.”  He’s flying through his words! Yay!

What are you all doing to keep organized this Fall?


Happy Day! ~Ariean


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    Brittney says

    I love this project! It turned out so cute!! I was wondering where you got your pedestal and what size it was. Thanks in advanced!!

    • 3

      onekriegerchick says

      I actually bought the pedestal at a garage sale a few years ago, but it could be easily duplicated. The base is about 8 in square and the post is 3-4 in square; approximately 18 in tall.
      So glad you stopped by!


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