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Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  In keeping with the Typography theme this month, I’m sharing the Gallery Photo Wall in our upstairs hallway.

Family Gallery Wall {Onekriegerchick.com}

First, let me give you a little background on the space…this hallway is long with no direct lighting and leads from our main living area back to our bedrooms.  It is the perfect spot for a long gallery of photos, but they needed to be at a height unreachable to little hands.  Inspired by the Gallery wall seen {Here}, I was able to easily re-create a similar look in just an afternoon.  Bonus:  The only items I had to purchase were the photo plaques on sale half price at Hobby Lobby!  I shopped my house for all other supplies.

Here’s the hall when I {almost} finished the original look…And it remained like this for over a year…

phase 1 gallery wall {Onekriegerchick.com}

How I did it:  First I shopped my house for frames that seemed like they would fit, then I laid them all out on the floor in the hall and pieced them together like a puzzle.  I spray painted them all cream and sanded the edges and filled them with cute photos.  {Not one frame was cream to start with.} I chose to frame the boys art in a couple frames too.

Then I taped a line down the hall for an easy way to line up my frames.

Creating a horizontal Gallery Photo Wall {Onekriegerchick.com}

Once I had a visual guide, I hung all the frames and plaques.

After a year, I thought it needed a little update or at least to fill the empty frames…Ha!  First, I added a large K cut out of a fun patterned paper into the empty glass on the top row.

Then to tackle updating the melon plaques…I recently received this awesome chevron stencil from Poppy Seed Projects and am kind of in love with it!  I have used it for three projects already and it is so easy to use!

I’ll be honest, I have never been a big fan of the Ombre effect, but thought I would try it out on these plaques to add a little interest/jazz them up a bit.

  Ombre Chevron- the easy way! {Onekriegerchick.com}

Surprise!  I LOVE it!

Originally, the plaques were painted melon and had photo corners attached for interchanging 5×7 photos.  I simply removed the photo corners and traced the chevron stencil on the frame.  Then, using the same color as the background, I added a little white to lighten it one shade.  I painted one stripe that color and added more white before painting the next stripe.  I repeated that pattern until there were five shades of melon from bottom to top on the frame.  Rather than attaching new photo corners, I hot glued a bulldog clip to keep the photos interchangeable.

What an impact this simple update has made in the hallway!

Hallway gallery wall {Onekriegerchick.com}

EASY framed monogram {Onekriegerchick.com}

So quick…So easy…and so fun!

What typography projects are you loving in your homes?

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