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Good Morning my friends!  Hard to believe it’s already Friday…again…I keep trying to slow down time so we can enjoy Summer just a little longer.  It’s. Just. Not. Working.

In keeping with our Month full of Typography inspiration, I’d like to share how I made personalized artwork for my older boys shared room.

I love buttons and a couple years ago, I saw an idea in a magazine (this was before I had even heard of Pinterest) to create a monogram out of buttons.  So cute!  I knew I had to make a couple for my boys.  These are great because they are not expensive and do not take a lot of time.  Plus, you can personalize to coordinate with your kids rooms and/or their favorite colors.

Here’s how I created my version..

Simple DIY button monograms {}

What you will need:

Canvas (I used 12×12)
acrylic paint
patterened paper or fabric
mod podge
letter stencil
buttons in a variety of sizes
hot glue gun


Now, let’s get started!

First, paint the canvas your desired color and allow to dry.  Mine are cream with a distressed look, which I will go over in a bit.  They look fine left white too if you would prefer to skip this step.

Then trim the paper to 11×11 so you will have a border of the canvas around the paper.  Adhere the paper using mod podge.  Allow to dry.

For the distressed look: Take a dry paint paintbrush and dab a little paint onto the end of the brush.  Then blot that paint off so there is very little paint left on the brush. Brush across the edges of your canvas.  Do this lightly at first.  You can always add more, but you can’t take it away.  Add more paint as desired.  If you like a canvas look, after the distressed paint dries, go back over the top with mod podge.  Here is a great tutorial on creating a canvas effect.  Allow the mod podge to dry completely (like overnight) before proceeding to the next step.  If you are in a hurry, skip this step.  I wanted to finish these during nap time, so I just left the top of the paper unsealed.  It has held up fine for almost three years.  Just keep them out of direct sunlight or the paper may fade.

Trace the letter stencil using a pencil.  Do this very lightly so you won’t see pencil lines when it is finished.

Now, for the fun part!  Gluing buttons!  If you are a wee bit of a perfectionist, you may want to lay some of your buttons out to see how you like the look prior to gluing.  If not, just start gluing.  I set all the largest buttons out, then went by size largest to smallest with a few clear and smaller buttons as accents.

This is not limited to buttons, though.  Here, I added a name, animal embellishment and some additional decorative buttons based on the Elephant theme I used in my youngest’s bedroom.

E is for Elephant button monogram {}

Have fun and make it personal!  Here is a darling pink and green polka-dot I created for a sweet little friend of ours.

Love this button monogram for a little girl's room! {}

Do you have an existing Monogram project?  If so, we would LOVE to see it! Share your monogram projects all weekend, August 9-11 on our Facebook pages:  Ariean {OneKriegerChick} or Tosha {TYPOGRFX}

P.S. If I get enough Monogram shares or new Facebook likes, I’ll have a giveaway for a personalized Button Monogram of your choice!


Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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    Karen D. says

    Think I will finally use my Close to My Heart frame and make an “E” for Eva. Have a great end of summer.


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